The Miracle Serum That Has Replaced 4 Hair Products In My Styling Routine

I’m used to being impressed by products and services, but I’m not used to being knock-me-down-with-a-feather BLOWN AWAY.

Sometimes, an unfortunate accident leads to an amazing beauty discovery.

Last weekend, I was cleaning off the top of my medicine cabinet--which is PACKED with hair products--when I accidentally knocked my brand new bottle of heat protector onto the floor. The flimsy plastic split, and product went everywhere like a vaguely bubblegum-scented grenade.

I may or may not have yelled “NOOOOOOOOO!” like I was in an action movie, diving for cover as something that doesn’t usually explode exploded behind me. It was dramatic.

I couldn’t replace it because both of the beauty supply stores near me were sold out. My options became: try a different product or skip heat styling for a week until more came in.

Yeah, not an option. I made a beeline for Ulta.

I was feeling a little bitter about my clumsiness, and my heart really wasn’t in looking for a new product. I eventually picked up a bottle of Redken Smooth Lock Heat Glide. Smoothing? I thought. Heat protecting? OK, this will be fine.

And that was it. I bought it and I went home. I figured it would do its job--I used Redken styling stuff exclusively when I had a pixie cut, so I knew the brand was good, and it smelled nice. I wasn’t expecting miracles.

Imagine my surprise when a miracle is what I got.

This serum has changed my life, and by “life” I obviously mean “hair.” It has taken my blow-dry game to professional levels of excellence. It has, indeed, smoothed my hair; it’s also softened it, helped keep it straight, given it the most outrageous shine, and yes, kept it protected from heat.

I have always had a nonnegotiable product regimen that I use to keep my hair looking and feeling good after washing. This has replaced not one, but four of those products. I kid you not--it’s THAT good.

First, let’s talk about how easy it is to use. I noticed when I’d gotten it home that the instructions recommend using it after washing hair with the matching shampoo and conditioner, which I do not have. Oh well, I thought, and washed my hair with my usual products.

After towel-drying my hair, I released two pumps of the smoothing serum into the palm of my hand. It looked ludicrously small for the amount of hair I have, but I always like to follow the instructions the first time I use something new.

I rubbed my hands together and distributed the Heat Glide throughout my towel-dried hair, focusing mainly on the lengths and not neglecting my bangs. The smell was light and almost citrusy--sweet almond oil is listed as an ingredient, and maybe that’s it. So as not to confound my results, it was the only product that I put in my hair, post-washing.

Then I blew it out. I don’t have any special blow-drying secrets; I use my fingers to tousle my hair to get the majority of the wetness out, then a round brush to create extra smoothness. For me, blowdrying is mostly about getting my very thick hair dry, rather than establishing any sort of style.

But this time was different. Right away I noticed that my hair was drying incredibly quickly, and that as it was, it was feeling soft in my hands. My hair is many things, but “soft” is so rarely one of them that I was genuinely surprised.

As I dried my hair, I noticed that not only did it feel soft, it wasn’t frizzy. My hair is coarse in texture and quite wavy, so it always, and I mean ALWAYS, poofs up when I blowdry. My frizz-fighting game was pretty strong previously, but Heat Glide took it to a whole new level.

After it was totally dry, I separated my hair into sections and flat-ironed it on the lowest heat setting my iron had. I only had to make one pass with the straightener on each section to get it dead straight, which has never happened before in my life.

When I was done, my hair not only felt like it was made of silk, but looked as shiny as a mirror. I felt like I was in a shampoo commercial and just hadn’t been told about it, Truman Show style.

I’m used to being impressed by products and services, but I’m not used to being knock-me-down-with-a-feather BLOWN AWAY.

My hair is not just shiny and bouncy and amazing-looking, it feels softer and more manageable than it’s ever felt before. We’re talking Drybar levels of professional-grade fabulousness, and I did it at home with my limited blow-dry skills and only one new product.

Smooth Lock Heat Glide has officially replaced my straightening balm, smoothing drops, heat protector and shine spray. It does the work of four products, while also keeping my hair feeling soft and beautiful, and it costs $17. Bargain.

And the best part? I have so much more room on top of my medicine cabinet now.

Have you guys ever had a beauty accident lead to a magical product discovery? How many products do you use on your hair after you wash it to keep it looking and feeling amazing? Are you going to try out this serum? The answer had better be yes!