Are You Ready To Add Makeup To Your Hair Routine?

Meet Redken’s Color Rebel Hair Makeup.

When I want to experiment with my hair, I usually turn to color, but coloring on the regular can get pretty costly (not to mention damaging). Enter Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup. Hair Makeup, you say? Tell me more!

Color Rebel is a temporary hair color that comes in five vibrant shades: Red-y to Rock, Rebel Without a Coral (tee hee), Gilty as Charged, Purple Riot, and Punked Up Pink. I gave Gilty as Charged (a metallic gold) and Purple Riot a go. Here’s what I thought.

How It Works

In addition to the capped bottle of temporary color, Color Rebel comes with a little sponge applicator.

To apply, I removed the cap of the bottle, took out the plug inside the nozzle, and topped it with the sponge attachment. Then I replaced the cap, shook the bottle up, removed the cap again and twisted the bottle in the direction indicated on the bottle itself (there are little arrows pointing in the right direction).

Since my hair was newly shorn, I decided it would be fun to just place the gold and purple randomly through my top pieces and my bangs. (If you have straight hair you’ll probably want to have an actual game plan for placement.)

I opted to wear gloves to avoid any potential staining, but the instructions did mention that you can apply ungloved, as long as you wash your hands immediately afterward.

Pros & Cons

What I really liked about this is that the color showed up well on my brunette hair. Most non-permanent coloring options do not show up well against my hair at all. The gold was immediately obvious, but it took a couple of passes to make the purple pop. Once the color is in there you just have to wait for it to dry (they did mention that you can set it with a blow dryer as well).

Once it dried I was not that happy with how it felt in my hair. The color definitely stood out, but it felt kind of crunchy and dry, and when I shook my hands through it some of it seemed to flake off a bit.

The package suggests that this color will last up to two washes, but mine faded out immediately upon showering the following morning. It did leave behind a wash of color though, and I almost prefer that to the in your face color of the day previous.

I also really liked that it didn’t have that harsh chemical smell that comes with permanent to semi-permanent hair color.

Overall I would say that this product would be fun if you were looking for a quick color fix for a night out or something, but it’s definitely not going to extend much beyond that.

  • Have you tried the Color Rebel yet?
  • What are your go-tos for a quick hair color change?