Quick Question: Was This Blowout Worth $62?

I'm asking on behalf of Corynne, who's kinda pissed off.
Publish date:
April 29, 2013
Quick Question, salons, blowouts

Managing Editor Corynne (whose title I really wish was Momager) had something fancy to do on Friday night, so she decided to get a blowout.

Pressed for time, she found a nearby salon with a sign in the window advertising $40 blowouts, walk-ins welcome. So she walked in and said, "Blow me!" (She didn't, but I just like picturing that.)

When she went to pay, she was charged $62.

"Wait--the sign says $40," she gently protested to the cashier, who explained that it's $40 when you sign up for a "package," which is not clearly stated on the sign.

It was at this point that Corynne probably should have said "Blow me!" But instead, she paid the $62 (and tipped).

So Corynne wants to know: "Was this blowout worth $62?"

I think she looks great, but $62 is a bit much, especially when it's coming as a surprise.

Secondary QQ: What's the most you've ever paid for just a blowout?