Quick Question: Have You Ever Let A Colorist Do Whatever He Or She Wants To Your Hair?

The pool of things of which I am a control freak doesn't include my hair.
Publish date:
June 27, 2013

I'm writing this from a chair at Sally Hershberger Downtown, where, embarrassingly, I haven't been since before we launched xoVain. Master colorist and all-around cool person, Nikki, took my hair from super-dark brown, to pretty-dark auburn back in Februrary, and I've been so busy cranking out content (mine and awesome contributors') that I haven't had time to come back and get my roots done.

OK, OK, it hasn't been just xoVain immersion that's kept me out of Nikki's chair. I've been itching to do something a little different, and I just couldn't decide. I started throwing random questions at Nikki via Facebook, and she'd always reply with honesty and enthusiasm, to which I'd reply with paralysis.

Most recently, I showed her a look from the Peter Som Spring 2012 runway show--pale blonde with rose-gold streaks accenting a deeply parted side-swept bangs. We had already discussed that it would take a really long time for me to go light blonde, so I asked her if she could interpret this within my existing shade range.

OF COURSE SHE COULD. And that's what she's doing right now. She even had Temur, the male-modeliest hairstylist ever, come over and conspire to figure out how we should part my hair realistically for summer, and if I should stay long or short because in-between would age me.

I was seriously like, "Y'all, do whatever you want."

Their faces lit up.

And now, this neon concoction is wrapped in foil around my hairline.

OK, I forgot what I was going to ask because I just got a really good shampoo massage. Oh, RIGHT. Quick Question: Have you ever let a colorist do whatever he or she wants to your hair? How did it turn out? I'll be revealing the results of Nikki's (and Temur's) instincts in the next couple of days!