Quick Question: Do My Roots Look Gray?

Like, not getting-older gray. Sprayed-with-aerosol-antiperspirant gray.
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May 22, 2013
Quick Question, scalp, roots, antiperspirants, sweating

If there's anything that has motivated me to perfect my complexion, it's the fact that I sweat like crazy.

See, I wear foundation or BB cream and concealer every day to even out my skin tone, but from April through October, before I even leave my apartment, I'm already sweating it off. By the time I reach the subway station, my face is soaking wet and makeup is all sorts of uneven: streaky in some areas, beading in others, patchy elsewhere.

Although I sweat a lot above my lips and eyebrows, the vast majority of my above-the-shoulders perspiration originates from my scalp and drips down my face and neck.

So I had an epiphany: What if I sprayed aerosol antiperspirant on my scalp to help it stop sweating so much?!

I picked up a can at Rite Aid, and this morning, right before I left, I sprayed it all around my head as if it were dry shampoo. To my surprise, it didn't appear to whiten my hair at all, like a lot of dry shampoos do.

I sort of forgot to pay attention to how much my scalp was sweating, so I'll have to do the experiment again tomorrow. What I did notice, however: when I was in the office bathroom under lights that make H&M dressing room lighting seem flattering, my roots seemed kind of grayish.

I'd gone to get my hair auburnized (not a word) at Sally Hershberger a couple months ago, and I've been super-lazy about getting the roots done, partly because I've been thinking of trying a totally different color. But it wasn't until I sprayed the antiperspirant on my head that I really noticed how badly I need to make an appointment.

In conclusion: I'm not sure if aerosol deodorant made my scalp sweat less, I'm not sure if I'm going to get brain cancer (I doubt it, though), and I'm not sure if it emphasized the difference between my roots and salon color. So I'm leaving that last one up to you guys...

Quick Question: Do my roots look gray?