The Most Canadian Beauty Experiment Ever: I’m Putting Maple Syrup In My Hair!

Since the weather is changing, my dry, split ends have been out of control, so I was willing to try anything to see if it would help.
Publish date:
October 22, 2013
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It is Canadian legend that if you bathe your hair in the luscious elixir that is maple syrup, it will shine like a sun beam.

Well, not exactly. But I remember I was told once that maple syrup can work like a deep conditioner for your hair. I thought I was making it up, or just had a hungry dream, but I took to the internet and, like, two Google pages returned with suggestions of using maple syrup in your hair.

My deduction is that researching beauty products must be like researching for an essay: if there or three or more sources saying the same thing, it’s probably true. (I went to community college, so that might not be correct.)

Since the weather is changing, my dry, split ends have been out of control, so I was willing to try anything to see if it would help.

Luckily, to conduct my research, I already had a litre of pure maple syrup in my fridge--let me stress that it is pure maple syrup, not the ones pumped full of overly processed sugars. I am a proper Canadian.

I let the maple syrup sit at room temperature while I was at work during the day. It seems to be extra sticky when it is refrigerated.

I coated my split ends (and my entire bathroom sink) in the syrupy goodness. There is really no tidy way to put this stuff on. I also recommend you use a brush or comb that is not your everyday brush to work it through before covering it. (I may have used my favourite brush and now regret it.)

My dry and overly processed ends quickly soaked up the maple syrup, leaving them feeling slightly crunchy. I put another coat on, and most was soaked up again. My hair was thirsty!

I like to keep things DIY and low-budge, so to keep my hair in place and to let my body heat assist with the conditioning process, I wrapped my head in cling-wrap.

I then let the maple syrup hair mask soak in for 20 minutes, which gave me ample time to scrub down my bathroom sink that was now covered with maple syrup.

After 20 minutes, I removed the cling-wrap and was worried when I discovered that my hair was crispy and hard. On the plus side, it smelled delightful.

I jumped in the shower and rinsed out the maple syrup. I was happy that as the syrup rinsed out, my hair was feeling softer. I continued to shampoo and condition as I normally would, and I gave my hair a gentle towel dry before letting it air dry for a couple of hours.

Verdict: My hair is slightly softer and has a sweet scent to it (but not sickeningly sweet). Truthfully, this was not the all-around miracle cure I was hoping for. But I guess I shouldn't my luck in condiments sitting in the back of my fridge.

I would be interested to hear about results on different hair types, so let me know if you've tried this!