Custom-Made Shampoo and Conditioner: How Narcissists Can Get Their Best Hair Ever

A personalized formula, the fragrance of your choice and your name right on the bottle.
Publish date:
July 7, 2015
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Being a super-fancy alt-beauty editor gets me the pre-preview, and that is my single favorite perk. Hearing about a startup creating custom shampoo? Genius! Brilliant! I can has?! Basically, I dove over myself with excitement, because it’s painfully obvious that I thrive on considering myself oh so unique, #millenialtryhard

ProfilePRO is a new venture that's pushing the boundaries of what we'll be able to purchase as consumers. They developed criteria for specific hair concerns and have developed a survey that can identify these concerns and subsequently customize the formula to fit an exact profile.

Many brands try to address this type of choosy customer, like Paul Mitchell’s category system, Davines’ vague but somehow specific lines, or even Phyto’s careful suggestion system, but many people don’t fit one section across the board. Say you have fine hair but tons of it, with chemically treated ends and an oily scalp? You may find better results using a different formula on each section of hair, but who has time for that?!

Like a logic square from my gifted school days, ProfilePRO highlights some formulas for you while canceling out others, and the whole system is sulfate-free. (So far, so good!) Add in the radical choice of a favorite fragrance and slapping your name on the bottle, and it’s basically the best thing since Build-a-Bear. This is like ordering a bagel at Russ & Daughters your way 100%—I’ll have a toasted everything with scallion cream cheese, capers, onion, and tomato because I WAN IT, thanks. Except the super-duper nice counter guys are Italian cosmetic chemists, mixing my perfect hair bagel and sending it right to my door.

I told them the following information: that my hair is fine/medium, wavy, and oily at the root with some frizz. And that I wanted a VANILLA scent (mmmmm)!

I got the following stuff in my formula: murumuru seed butter, shea butter, babassu oil, rice and almond proteins, glycerin, and cassia.

So, how did I like it? The vanilla scent is gorgeous and rich, not subtle like most vanilla hair products; you can actually smell this in your hair after using it, which I loved.

I have to say, for a sulfate-free formula, this was pretty spectacular in terms of cleaning power. My hair felt very very clean, in a good way; my scalp was definitely overjoyed. Using this didn’t ruin my soft curl steez—it actually enhanced it.

The conditioner was an ideal thickness and was pretty light on the silicones, which is important to me. It softened my hair while adding body and helping my frizz calm down a bit.

Overall, this is pretty poppin'. I am into this idea; I haven’t seen anything similar, and originality in hair care is rare these days. The ingredients must be high-quality because my hair looked and felt really good, and I actually didn’t need to wash my hair for five days after using it—the oily scalp was pretty well controlled.

Is it magic? I don’t know, but since this was made 100% for me, I found that it worked really well for what I asked it to do!

The packaging could use some work, but who cares when what's inside the bottle is as good as gold? I recently ordered a second set (they are $38 for the pair) with slightly different specs, so we shall see if I can notice a major difference between them aside from the scent. (I hope coconut is as good as vanilla is!) And FYI: they have a trial set for only $15 if you want to see what it’s all about. ProfilePRO also offers the set at a discount if you subscribe to get refills, which is another perk if you like your formula.

  • Will you be trying this?
  • Have you heard of any other cool custom hair or beauty companies?

Photos: Maria Penaloza