10 Hair Struggles Only Girls With 4C Curls Understand

... like sitting in the salon too long or tying down our hair every night before bed
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November 30, 2016
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We could rattle off a list of typical black girl hair struggles; like sitting in the salon too long or tying down our hair every night before bed. But the struggle often becomes more real for naturalistas with a 4C texture, as hair care practices take a bit more time and effort. Every curly girl with the tight, S-shaped coil has at least one story hair horror story to share. Those same stories, however, are often followed with techniques for the desired style and a sense of achievement. The struggle is real! The good news is you are not alone. Dive in to find out 10 of the most popular hair issues only 4C hair types understand and share your experiences.

No, A Dime Size Of Product is Not Enough

If you’re a true 4C hair type, you know that the amount specified for use typically doesn’t get the job done. Don’t be afraid to go for the gusto and use a little extra to achieve the style. You’ll thank yourself later.

Wow, My Ponytail Holder Popped...Again

Have you ever had a instance when your ponytail didn’t make the journey? Not cool.

To Trim or Not To Trim

The natural hair community has gone back and forth for years, debating if curly girls need to trim their ends. The general consensus is, you might not need to trim as much as your straight-haired counterparts, but a dusting never hurt.

Yes, Wash Day Is In Fact A Full Day

When you have 4C hair, washing your hair does in fact take a whole day. Detangling, treating, and styling all takes a while, so don’t bother making plans!

Why Won't This Humidity Let Me Be Great?

Most avoid humidity and steamy showers if they don’t want the hair to revert back to its most shrunken state. Your hair won’t agree and you will be mad.

Shrinkage Is So Real

When your hair is freshly washed, you are experiencing lots of shrinkage. Either rock your hair curly or find techniques to stretch without much heat.

No, You Cannot Touch My Hair

For some reason, people have an obsession with tightly coiled or “kinky” hair that many of us 4C-ers just don’t share. If you're familiar with the person, you might let them take a tug at your strands but from mos,t the resounding answer is, “NO!”

Are These Bobby Pins One Size Fits All?

A good bobby pin can take your tresses from flat to fly in an instant. Avoid bobby pins not holding up by using extra and/or curved pins.

Darn You, Edge Control

Finding the perfect edge control can leave you broke and bothered. Purchasing control products labeled alcohol-free and “max hold” normally does the trick.

Product Build-Up Is A Beast

Using a ton of product can have its drawbacks. Product buildup on the scalp can lead to stiff locks, excessive itching and flakes. Remedy the buildup with co-washes and scalp elixirs.

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