9 Pretty Things On The Internet: Big Hair Changes

Perhaps it's invisible to the naked eye, but my hair is very different.
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November 6, 2013
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Britney's new song is called "Perfume," so that's related to beauty and, ALSO, it is very exciting. [E! Online]

Annie changed her hair in a big way this week, which reminds me that my friend Charlotte, who works at Cosmo, has put her hair's fate in the hands of a reader poll. Head on over there and vote on the cut and color she should get.

• I, too, changed my hair this past week. Considering I've always had (and hope to always have) longish blonde hair, getting three inches hacked off and a full head of highlights is a big change for me. I spent four hours in the stylist's chair last weekend and apparently when you look at my hair now, "you're going to see ashy and you're going to see golden. It's going to look a bit different depending on the light." While the foils were chilling, I read this HuffPost Style post all about what hair dye actually does to your hair shaft, and it's sort of messed up (it "lifts", and then it "destroys"). Our very own Danielle's lesson on color theory was super-fascinating for blond-obsessed me, as well.

Oprah's hairstylist's new styling creme gelee is an apparent game changer when it comes to getting manageable curls. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

Pretty celebs going gray (or adding gray!) gracefully. [Glo]

The surprising beauty editor fave you can get a Trader Joe's for $4.49. [Refinery29]

• This feather manicure how-to is so cool, and seems super easy. [Makeup.com]

Cynthia Rowley now has beauty products ranging in price from $15-$24. They've collaborated with always-on-point Birchbox, so subscribers might be getting some cute samples. [Fashionista]

• Buzzfeed's so good at these lists of beauty hacks: check out their latest. I already knew about that bobby pin thing, that the bumpy side should be actually face your scalp, but I just can't bring myself to it, beauty rules be damned.

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