A Commercial Made Me Cut My Bangs, But You Don't Need To Cut Your Own Hair To Get The Look

The baby bangs in the new Prada ad are speaking to MY SOUL. Here's how to get them without any snippy-snip.
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April 4, 2013
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I have no qualms with trimming my own bangs. I frequently change the look of them, which is easy since my hair, particularly the hair in the bang-ular region, grows like a weed. Since the year has begun they've been nearly grown out, shaggy and tapered a la late-'60s Mick Jagger. And now -- blunt and straight across.

It wasn't exactly a sudden decision to give myself this current cut. As some of you may know, in addition to writing for this here site, I also write for the Canadian fashion magazine FLARE. I love being able to have the balance of writing for the web and for print, and my job with FLARE gives me the opportunity to take on different tricky looks and personas.

Seriously, that's a key part of my job description. My title is Beauty Decoder. I take trends that most people might be freaked out by, and I make them wearable (or at least I hope so).

The spring runway show for Miu Miu had the models wearing super short, choppy baby bangs, so for the April issue of FLARE, I gave myself the look--with fake hair. I've always been pretty on board with fake hair. I like my look to suit my (ever-changing) moods and sometimes that requires a dramatic change in a flash--not a trip to the salon. (Speaking of salons, I haven't had my hair cut in one in over ten years. Whoops.)

I know so many people flip-flop about getting bangs, and whatever--if you really want my opinion I'd say JUST GET THEM. But if you're truly scared, maybe it's time to pickup Hairdo Clip-In Bangs. They come in a pretty excellent selection of shades and are so easy to put in. Seriously, I made a video with FLARE to show you all how easily it's done.

See? So easy, so cute.

But how did it come to me actually cutting my hair? Well, have you seen the new commercial for Prada Candy L'Eau? The dreamy and delicious Jules et Jim-inspired, Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola co-directed spot is givin' me life right now. Léa Seydoux, the face of Prada's Candy line, stars as Candy, a young woman who falls into a delightful love triangle with two sassy French dudes with seriously voluminous hair. I mean, hello! I should probably write my next article on how to get their luscious Bob Dylan curls.

But this isn't about man hair; it's about woman hair, and Léa's hair is so covetable. Sleek with a bit of wave, and gorgeously shiny, straight across bangs that frame her perfectly chiseled face. I couldn't just get this look with clip-ins, ok? I had to commit, and I had to cut.

The scent that this delightful ad is shilling is the fresher, springier version of their original Candy scent. It's got the original base notes of caramel, benzoin and white musk, but it's had sweet pea and citrus thrown in to make it light and breezy for when warmer weather starts to set in.

The fragrance won't be available on the mass market for a few more weeks, so you'll just have to tide yourself over by watching the commercial on repeat, and perhaps cutting your bangs, too (or ordering yourself a set of clip-ins).

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