My Pixie Cut Has Grown Out to That Awkward Length — And I Love It

I can just roll out of bed and do nothing to my hair, and it's still cute.
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August 5, 2016
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Over the past few years, I've changed my hair so many times that it doesn't even scare me anymore. When I went from long to short, I didn't even take much time to consider it; my pink hair was an impulse action as well.

There's one haircut that takes more consideration than any other, though: the pixie cut. Yes, it's great. Yes, you will probably be able to pull it off. Yes, you will need to schedule way more haircut appointments than ever. And yes, if you ever decide to grow it out, you will reach the "awkward length."

The awkward length of the pixie cut: It is so dreaded that many people don't cut their hair short for this particular reason. As impulsive as I am, I decided on getting a pixie cut, and when confronted with all the arguments against it, I just thought, Whatever — we'll see about that.

When I started growing out my hair, I wanted to go back to a short bob. I look really good in short bobs, and they're easier to maintain. However, I had so many layers to grow out before I could even think about getting a bob. So, I just had to wait for a while and make this grown-out layered situation work.

My hair grows really fast, so I got sick of getting a mullet every month. To prevent getting that dreaded mullet, I got an undercut pixie, which was very effective. When I started growing everything out, I still let my mom cut the mullet-prone bits. I've found that your hair can look as messy as you like, but a mullet is cute on no one. One of my general rules of style is that if Rihanna can't pull it off, I most definitely can't either. I think that applies to mullets, too.

As the weeks went by and my hair grew little by little, I started noticing fun things about it. It's so wavy! My out-of-bed look is sort of cute again! I have way more styling options again!

Usually, my hair is really straight — so straight that my stylist always used to ask if I'd straightened my hair before my appointment. But right now, my hair gets super-wavy after letting it air dry. It's even more wavy if I don't use shampoo and don't brush it. I love this development!

This is the lowest-maintenance style I've ever had. One of the reasons I wanted longer hair in the first place, is so that I could just put it in a bun in the morning. My out-of-bed pixie is not cute at all because it defies all sorts of gravity, but longer hair has some weight to press it down. Right now, my hair can be put in a small bun, but most importantly, I can just roll out of bed and do nothing to my hair, and it's still cute.

The thing I like most about this length is that no one really gets a grow-out pixie on purpose. Over the years I've always had trendy haircuts with a name. This is something completely different. The messiness of this haircut just adds a certain je ne sais quoi to my look, which I love. My hair is so thick and straight that it's never looked messy when I wanted to. I used to be very into the Kate Moss rock 'n roll-chic look, but my long hair wouldn't cooperate at all. Especially because I like my makeup to look polished, and messy un-done hair just balances it. My taste in clothing is often not really messy either — I like looking like I made an effort. This haircut really balances that out.

Maybe this is just me being super-Dutch, though. If you look at red carpet events here, you'll find ladies in the prettiest dresses, and usually they've made an effort with their makeup, but their hair? They usually just skip that.

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At this point, I only really want to grow out the undercut on the side of my head and grow out the shortest parts. I've found that this "awkward stage" of growing out a pixie cut is definitely a misunderstood and underrated hairstyle. I'm already trying to think how to explain "please give me a grown-out layered pixie cut non-bob" to my stylist.

  • Have you ever prefer your growing-out-stage hair more than the previous haircut?
  • What are you best styling tips for growing out a pixie cut?