Pink & Purple Dream: My Quest for the Perfect Pastel Hair Continues

Wherein Blyss Salon enables my delusion that I'm a unicorn.
Publish date:
July 10, 2015
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I know, I know, you’ve seen it all! I have shared so many versions of pastel hair within the pages of xoVain, and maybe I am just speaking for myself when I say I never ever grow tired of seeing magical rainbow hair, but sorry-not-sorry: I thought this one was too good not to share!

I’ve been salon-hopping for a while now, trying out different pastels and treatments all over the city. It’s been fun, but it’s definitely a risk to always be changing the products and people making contact with your hair (especially damaged hair like mine), and I definitely started to notice a bit of breakage and frizz recently. I had short little tufts all along the sides of my head from chemical damage, and my hair felt a little bit crispy and dull—not exactly words I like to use when describing my hair.

I decided to return to the place that had managed to get my hair healthy in the first place way back when, Blyss Salon. Amanda is my go-to colour expert, and whenever I have a question or need a product recommendation, she is my biggest resource. This lady is pure talent, and together we’ve made some pretty special hair magic together (remember Mother of Pearl?)

We brainstormed back and forth a bit before the appointment, but neither of us were totally sure what we’d end up with when I walked into the salon thanks to all of the damage and residual colour on my hair.

Blyss uses all Davines products, my all-time favourite line, and I’ve yet to discover a bleach as gentle and effective as their formula. Amanda started with my roots, then did a quick emulsifying wash with a tiny bit of non-activated bleach powder mixed in to fade the peachy pink out of my ends. Next, she used a silvery toner and added a hint of purple, which created the nicest lavender-blonde like, ever.

When we finally had a clean slate, Amanda started to add the pastel colour. I wanted something mermaid-ish because I’m heading to Mexico this month, so we decided on purple and pink streaks in a sort of ombre formation. Using the same flamboyage strips she used for the rainbow colour application in the past, Amanda added alternating blended pink and purple streaks all throughout my hair in layers, re-mixing the colour constantly to keep the end results even.

We finished everything off with a cut by Alyson Peach to remove any deadness, and ta-da! The prettiest subtle purple-pink mermaid unicorn ombre magic you ever did see!

  • What’s been your favorite pastel hair color on me?
  • What color do you want to try on you?