Would You Wear a Colorful Animal-Nose Hair Bow?

If these Patricia Morales accessories are good enough for Gaga and Miley, they're good enough for me.
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September 27, 2015
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I was at a big beauty expo this summer, browsing everything from bathroom organizers to luxury perfumes, when I met one of the people behind some of the most iconic hair trends worn by Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus: Patricia Morales.

Patricia is a session and editorial hairstylist who, like me, dabbles in accessories. She is bicoastal (how fab!) following her gigs and dreams between New York and Los Angeles. When not working with celebs, Patricia develops hair accessories that make a statement. This is the original stylist behind Lady Gaga’s famous hair bow made of hair we’re talking about here, which I distinctly remember recreating in the salon more than a few times for more adventurous clients.

From combs gilded with thick chains and regal faux gems to surrealist Lisa Frank-inspired hair clips and barrettes with golden lion heads, the styles are poppy, fun, and pack a punch!

Patricia’s forte for bows carried into handmade fabric versions, which sometimes have plastic dolls, googly eyes, and all manner of fun, unexpected accoutrements, like pig noses a la Miley Cyrus at the VMAs.

Her work is inspiring, unique, and not afraid to be loud. I could see anyone from Baddie Winkle to FKA Twigs rock these powerful looks. You can catch her styles in numerous glossies and on any celebs who love to experiment with their look.

This is the bow that Patricia was kind enough to make for me and me alone, based on my self-description of dressing colorfully to the point of assault and with an outgoing and fun loving personality. I am pretty much obsessed with it. It captures my spirit quite accurately!

I think I will mainly be rocking this as a bowtie to go with all my insanely colorful button-downs, but clipping this behind a bun is like accessorizing your back, and how often do you get to do that?!

It’s got a dapper but still cutesy edge that never disappoints if you are someone who likes to dress with flair. And I do! I will be wearing this as a hair and clothing accessory for years to come, and as someone who makes them, I know how touching it can be to know that someone treasures your creation. This will stay in the family for sure, my very own Miley personality bow!

Check out patriciamorales.com for more info.

  • Would you wear this glorious creation?
  • Which animal would you want on your bow?