I Couldn't Possibly Go to California without Pastel Sunset Hair

Layers of of purple, peach, red, and pink create a multi-dimensional yet subtle look.
Publish date:
February 2, 2016
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About a month ago I was lucky enough to have one of those magical “I’ve really made it” moments in my career: I was offered a trip to Cali, one of my favourite places in the world, courtesy of Expedia. Car, flight, and hotels would all be covered, and within a few days, I had booked everything on their site in one neat and tidy package. It was one of the most exciting feelings I’ve ever experienced, and as the trip has approached, the overwhelming giddiness only grew.

Though I didn’t have to worry much about the cost or trouble of booking the trip (thanks to my pals at Expedia — seriously love you guys) I did have a couple details to work out. What nail art should I chose? What outfits do I pack? And most importantly, WHAT WOULD MY HAIR COLOUR BE?

With so many years of pastel shades under my belt, it’s getting tough to keep finding original new looks to test out. I approached my hair dream team at Blyss Salon here in Toronto, and lo and behold, they figured out the perfect plan.

Inspired by a California sunset, my colourist Amanda pitched blended shades of purple, peach, red, and pink, layered to create a multi-dimensional yet subtle pastel look throughout my hair. I instantly approved the plan, and off she went.

Here’s how Amanda created my California colour:

"In regards to technique, the key was layering the pastel shades so it would all melt together to resemble a sunset. When you look at a picture of the sunset the pink, peach and violet tones all fade together, and that’s what I was going for.

"We started with Davines Mask Bleaching Powder for lightening and Mask Colour to tone everything to an even blonde, then I added the Davines A New Colour Pure Colour. I opted for the Davines flamboyage method to help create a subtle sparkle of the tones that you visually see at the highest point of a sunset, and to create more saturation of color at the base of the 'sunset,' I used traditional foils."

With my sunset colour magic complete, I was handed off to Alyson for some tousled Cali-inspired beach waves. Here’s her take on how to get the look:

"Add thermal protectant product because we’ll be using a hot tool. Rough dry the hair fully using a flat brush at the root to give a little volume. Dry is key because hot tools on wet hair can burn the hair, but it doesn't have to be perfectly smooth since you’re going for a messy look.

"Next, use a large barrel (1.5-inch ideally) curling iron, take random sections of about 2” by 2”, and alternate the direction of the curl (try to start mid shaft and leave out the last 1 to 2 inches). Add texturizing product (I used Davines’ brand new Volume Creator), Then shake out your hair, and voila!"

So what do you guys think: am I Cali-ready? You can follow my adventures (and my hair’s adventures) on the trip here.