Open Thread: I'll Tell You My Secret Single Behavior If You Tell Me Yours

I shave my arms, pluck my chin, and put smelly takeout containers in the freezer. Your turn!

I first heard the term "secret single behavior" (or SSB) on Sex and the City, season four, episode 13, the one where Aidan moves in.

YouTube would not oblige a clip so I bought the episode online and video taped the scene with my iPhone, like a creep in front of all of my office mates.

I do all of these things, except instead of crackers and jam it's usually toast and pimento cheese spread (southern girl; can't stop, won't stop).

I lived with roommates for the first six or seven years after I relocated to New York. Last summer I moved into my first proper adult apartment. It's a 350 square-foot studio. But it's on the Upper West Side and it has a doorman and a gym so it makes me feel like a fancy Manhattan lady.

And oh, the SSB that I get up to...

  • I put smelly takeout containers in the freezer, because if I put them in the trash they'll stink up my living space--and I'm too lazy to walk them down to the dumpster. (In my defense I always take them out of the freezer and down to the dumpster the next morning.)
  • I shave my upper lip and forearms and pluck my chin. (I know plucking is not the best solution, but I haven't suffered any negative effects yet.) Of course there's nothing wrong with these habits and I don't mind talking about them, but I'd never want to do them in front of another person. Sidebar: There was an early episode of The Mindy Project where Min shaves her arms; it was a triumph for hairy girls everywhere! More arm shaving-type real life stuff on TV, please!
  • I take shameless selfies of my makeup and profile views every morning. You can count the number of selfies on my Instagram on one hand, but my phone is FULL of them. I've started Snapchatting them to my sisters in the morning, and then they started Snapping me theirs. It's kind of the best part of my morning.

OK, that's all I'm giving up right now.

What about you? What's your SSB, beauty-related or otherwise? You certainly don't have to be single to have SSB. Everyone has undercover habits...

P.S. This O.T. is not to ignore the fact that xoVain went through some big changes this week, and I know you all have questions. Ask me them in the comments and I'll answer as many as I can as fully as I can. Be patient with me... and gentle.