How To Get Pin-Up-Style Rolled Bangs, A La Olympia Le-Tan SS14

I love the retro look the models wore in this fashion show (and not just because my girl-crushes, Daisy Lowe and Kiko Mizuhara, were two of those models).
Publish date:
October 10, 2013
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As you may already know, I am a sucker for Kiko Mizuhara and Daisy Lowe. So when I saw the Olympia Le Tan SS14 show, which featured both of them, I knew I had to get on it. How cute are they?!

I know many of you aren't fans of the high placed blush, but I still am, at least for the sake of these photos. If you're not, just move the blush placement down and you're good to go. Besides, we're going to focus on the rolled bangs and tucked-under ponytail!

You'll be needing, a brush, bobby pins, a hair tie, ribbon and a bunch of fake hair wrapped in a hair net.

You weren't expecting that, were you? Hair quality doesn't really matter, so you can head on out to the dollar store for those kiddie string extensions and go for it. I like using hair more than hair donuts because it's more forgiving and you can mold the hair to whatever shape you want.

Part your hair into two sections. Tie the bottom section with an elastic.

Section off the middle part of the top section of hair. Using your hairball/net, roll that part of the hair around the fake hair, creating your bangs. Pin in place. It doesn't matter if some of the fake hair shows. We'll be covering it with the side pieces.

Here's what your hair should look like after the roll.

Bring one of the side pieces over the side, covering any fake hair that might be seen. Pin in the centre.

Bring the rest of the hair underneath the bang, then pin the ends down so it's neat.

Repeat on the other side.

Tie a bow round the back and call it a day. You can either leave it as a pony or tuck in under like they did at the show.

That's it. DIY rope earrings in the shape of anchors optional.

What do you think--would you wear this look out? Any other runway hair looks you're dying to try? Would love to know in the comments!