Get That Nasty Gal Model (AKA Slept-In Sex) Hair

You know you love it.
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June 20, 2013
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So yesterday’s post really got me weighing my cut options. Thanks for all of your wise remarks. One in particular really stuck me in my soft heart tissue.

I love a good updo tutorial. I in-actually appreciate seeing that other people have put effort into their appearance. The main thing that separates myself from those people is our priorities and also life differences in general. Like probably our upbringings, jobs, the cities we live in, religion, breakfasts… Yes, those are the main things that separate us.

Super-long hair is kind of like that rayon mini A-line slip dress that you wear every other day. It’s nothing too trendy--more of a staple of your look that looks pretty decent most of the time--you just let it hang loose and swish around. It might even look a little too casual, but never not crazy/sexy/cute.

Maybe it gets a little greasy, starts smelling kind of weird. Then you wash it gently and let it air dry. Yep, my hair and my favorite dress are the same exact things.

My best hair is that sort of frizzy, worn-looking deep side part. If I’m lucky--and I used to ALWAYS be lucky before I started dyeing it--this is how I wake up. The mid-range cotton sheet fibers really mussed my hair perfectly. Also, I think water content has a lot to do with how my hair lays, and Texas water gives you sex hair way better than NYC. Or Seattle--Seattle water is lame. Good for drinking, though. Texas forever. Many days though, I find my roots are too flat and oily and my ends are too frizzy and lifeless.

I’ve found a way to fake it, and while it’s way more product and work than this look should take, the end result looks like you didn’t try at all. Irony and stuff. But the sexiest kind of sexy is looking like you didn’t try, yes? We’ve covered this.

Plus, noogie-ing in some products is way easier, faster, and better for your hair than most styling methods, so all in all it’s pretty low-maintenance; and don’t forget subtle. The literal beauty of this look is that it’s so subtle.

FIRSTLY go about your normal hair routine. Live your life, eat, watch Shark Tank, and go to bed. Repeat as necessary. I’ll wait.


Cool, so you’ve gotten a couple of days of IRL wear. This part is kind of important, but I’m sure you’d get pretty similar results using this method on fresh hair.

NOW. Wake up from snug sesh with your hungover dude that came home at five and apparently got in a fight the night before. Check him for face bruises, make sure he’s still cute, smooch and leave.

You’ll need:

  • dry shampoo
  • serum
  • Shu Uemura Volume Maker powder (got2b Powder’ful Volumizing Styling Powder is a great alternative and, naturally, a Hannah discovery. I really like the brush on the Shu Uemura powder, and really like applying dry shampoo with a large fluffy makeup brush because it blends it in well. So maybe get a cheap-y large powder brush to use with the got2b stuff?) (Also, this is described as a dry shampoo, but gives a different texture. I think using in conjunction with a traditional dry shampoo gives the best results.)
  • hands
  • shine spray

Pull apart any major tangles just using your hands. A hairbrush won’t give the best texture for this--it’ll make it too uniformly fluffy. Now puff or dust some dry shampoo in your roots to absorb grease and give a little lift.

Take some serum, a lighter-weight for more limp or, like, really healthy hair. A heavier one if your ends are feeling dry. I use a pump of Moroccanoil on my bleachy ends. Just warm it up by rubbing your palms together and pull it through your mid-lengths and ends, letting the driest part of your ends drink up any excess.

Dust some of that volumizing powder at the top part of your crown, and sporadically around the top of your head, and even more sporadically in your lengths, maybe a little in your bang flop, and anywhere where you’re lacking texture. Think of this less as a volume tool (although you will get volume) and more as a texturizer and mattifier. Use sparingly and build up; a little goes a long way.

Now, take your hands and muss it around. Piece apart and zsouge (What’s the spelling for that?! Sound it out!) random sections. You want a nice halo of frizz. Cut a little side part with your fingers--nothing should look too perfect.

Now finish with a very light misting of the shine spray, which will give it some dimension. You’ll have some areas that are matte, some that have a little healthy shine, some that frizz, some that lay nicely.

This style is great because it wears SO WELL. And although we used four products, none of them will give major build-up. Think of this as a refresher, not a look you’ll have to wash out. In fact, I think it only gets better as the day goes on.

OW-WIE! Such hot lil mamas. Love you sexy ladies!! <3