My Curl Regimen: What I Use Since I've Embraced My Natural Texture

Five products that take the fear out of wearing my hair curly.

Girls with curls have a tough life to live. They may look
nice and cool once they’re styled and ready to go, but the process of making
them fluffy
and swirly is a task within itself. Most think it’s easier to just straighten the hair, and for many years, I thought the same. That was before I found five products that give my hair everything it needs to look tamed and carefree.

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Before I give you the rundown on how I style my curls, here’s a
little background on my hair.

My stepmother has been doing my
hair since I was nine (she's a professional stylist). I never
raised a flat iron to my head until my freshman year of college, only because I
left home to go to school in Missouri. While others were worrying about making it to
class on time, I was focused on the proper way to blow-dry and flat-iron my

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But the good thing about going to school in the next state over
was that I got to go home a lot. During those trips I would ALWAYS make a
visit to my stepmother’s hair salon. Then I decided to move to New York, which is a much longer drive to my stepmom's salon.

This is when I decided to face my fear of wearing my hair curly.

Why did I have that fear, you ask? Remember back in middle school when everyone was moussing
their hair to get those hard, crunchy curls? Well, I experimented with that,
and it was probably the worst beauty decision I’ve ever made.

Once I moved to New York, I knew a decision about my hair
care had to be made. I’m very weird when it comes to others touching my hair
because I’m particular in how I like it styled. Since I have a fine grade of
, most people do not know that even using a little product will make me
look as if I dived head-first into a bucket of grease, and there is nothing cute
about that.

To avoid wasting my money on a style I would not like, I simply did
my hair myself. Everything was going good until New York’s summer humidity and
heat took over my straightened hair
(which happened about a week after I

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Since my mom never believed in giving me a relaxer, my hair always fell
victim to the weather’s many challenges. It was always bound to go from silky
smooth to the Lion King within seconds. This is when I decided to start wearing
my hair curly. I looked up products and searched natural hair blogs
just to get a feel of what I should be using in my hair to ensure that I never
got those awful middle school Michael Jackson crunchy curls.

After testing a number of leave-in conditioners, styling creams, oils, and what seemed like everything else under the sun, I
finally found the product combo that worked for me.

I usually wash
my hair every two days, sometimes every three. My routine consists of washing my hair at night, twisting it into bantu knots, and undoing the twists the next morning. Some people do this method,
while others do the ol' wash-and-go, which consists of washing the hair, either
letting it air dry or diffusing it, or both, and going on your merry
way. I only perform wash-and-gos in the summer when the outside heat can dry my
hair because I do not own a diffuser.

Even if I do a wash-and-go in the morning,
I still make sure I either individually twist or braid my hair at night. My
tender-headedness has caused the fear of going to sleep with my hair loose
causing it to tangle through the night, which makes it very painful to comb out in the morning. The hurt is real.

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Another reason why I twist my hair
instead of the usual wash-and-go is to ensure that my hair has a consistent
pattern throughout. Most of my hair in the front no longer curls when it’s wet
due to constant heat damage, so I twist it to avoid having spaghetti bangs.

Below is my regimen and what I use to keep my hair fluffy
and smooth. Each product is used for a different purpose, but they all somehow
come together to keep my hair nice and soft.

Weekly Wash

I wash my hair once a week with Hugo Naturals Smoothing
& Defining Shampoo and Conditioner in Creamy Coconut
. I use this just to
ensure that my hair is clean from any leftover residue from product buildup.

Once I’m done washing and conditioning my hair, I apply Miss Jessie’s Rapid
, a deep treatment that helps tackle my frizz and leave my curls shiny
and healthy.

Remember when I said I wash my hair every two days? That occurs
after my weekly wash and I used Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Hair Co-Wash
Cleansing Conditioner
. I like to use a co-wash because it’s not as harsh as
shampoo, but it cleanses it just as good.


After leaving Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery on for about a
half hour, I rinse it and style it with Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner. I
thoroughly distribute the conditioner in my hair making sure that it touches
every strand, and then I individually twist it. Contrary to popular belief, my
head is rather small, so I only end up with about eight medium-sized twists.

leave my twist in overnight and in the morning, I squirt about two squirts of
Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Shine Serum with Argan Oil into my palms, run my
hands together and take down the twist making sure all the oil from my palms is
thoroughly distributed in my hair. A little fluff here and there, and I’m ready
to go!

Since I started wearing my hair curly, I actually found it
to be easier to manage than wearing it straight. What used to take two-plus hours to wash, blow-dry and then straighten now only takes 20 to 30
minutes to wash, moisturize and twist.

  • What are you using on your curls?
  • Do any of you have any
    curly hair secrets to share? If so, spill!