Mousse and a Diffusing Dryer for Awesome Curls! (What Is This, the '80s?)

I wish the plural of mousse was mice.
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June 18, 2015
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I’m roughly two weeks into my #90daysofcurls and it's already been a very eye-opening experience. I love my curls, but keeping them nice day after day is trickier than I thought, and I’m trying to avoid daily curling iron touch ups as much as possible.

For this reason, I’m taking tips from everywhere I can get them, and trying new goodies whenever possible. Bed Head just made a really user-friendly curly hair tool that I couldn’t wait to try, and I nearly tore up the box like a velociraptor when it came. Victoria highly suggested R+Co Aircraft Pomade Mousse, and Marci was sent Marc Anthony’s new Sexy Beach Waves Mousse, which I promptly smuggled out of the XO office.

Y’all know I love experimenting with hair product cocktails and beachy hairstyles, especially when it’s too humid to sustain a perfect blowout. Mousses are an old standby when it comes to holding curls. Modern mousses are conditioning and curl-boosting, as they use polyquats, glyercin, and oils to hydrate and add shine and polymers for memory. So trying these two very different and very awesome mousses gave me even more insight on how to keep my curls looking their best.

Marc Anthony Sexy Beach Waves Extra Volume Mousse

Just soooooo intriguing! Super cheap at $7.99, this mousse goes where no mousse has gone before by adding salt into the mix, so you get conditioning, memory, and texture. That’s quite the multitasker!

It was pretty good, but frankly not as good as just mixing a mousse with a bit of salt spray. It gave me volume and texture, but things were a bit dry on day two. The good news is when I re-misted my hair on day two, I got the texture back, and the crunch was nothing a dab of cream or drop of oil couldn’t remedy. Great for diffusers and ploppers, not as good for knotters and braiders.

Your mileage may vary, but I would wager fine to medium is better off because it could use the extra volume, whereas thicker textures are good without it.

R+Co Aircraft Pomade Mousse

This came with rave reviews, and I had to crack it’s code!

When I used it in wet hair before styling, I found it to be too heavy. But on my dry, second-day hair: priceless. I think this is better for dry hair and especially day-two re-do's, which actually helps my needs since I have more trouble with re-styling rather than initial styling.

It smells amazing, has conditioning and holding ingredients, and would be perfect for anyone who wants to add shine, texture, and separation to a look without killing volume in the process. A small squirt gave the more matte extension hair on the bottom a perfect sheen and added some bounce to the curls when they were frizzing out on me.

I would love to test this on a men’s pomp look or a pixie cut as I think it would work gorgeously without screwing up hard-won volume.

Bed Head Curlipops Tourmaline Ionic Diffuser Dryer

Snap-on diffusers for traditional dryers are great and all, but I won’t lie: holding a standard right-angle blowdryer is sometimes too awkward when diffusing and hurts my hard-workin' wrists. I was really excited to try this dryer because it’s affordable ($34.99) and really seems convenient to use without contorting your body in the process.

I actually used this dryer to test both mousses as a bit of a control for the experiment, and both times I liked its performance despite mixed feelings until I got the product quirks right. The dryer is lightweight and allows you to get volume and curl definition without bending over or twisting around. It has multiple setting and a cool shot, under 40 bucks!

I will def be taking this traveling, as I am also one to skip blowouts on vacation so I can bring everything I need in my carry on. Suck it TSA!

As the summer progresses I can’t wait to see what new and exciting curly tips, tricks, and products come about, and I want y’all to continue to share your advice. I love trying people’s recommendations—it's one of the most fun parts of my job! I’ve been experimenting with cream cleansers, co-washing, plopping, knotting, twisting, and scrunching, and there’s still so much for me to learn about my hair (and every other curly babe, too).

  • Who uses mousse? What’s your fav?
  • All-time best diffuser suggestion?

Photos: Darnell Scott