Sizing Up Sisley: $168 For Shampoo And Conditioner?!

What kind of magic could they have in there?

I happened upon Sisley on one of my frequent trips to Bloomingdale's. Like many brands carried in the hallowed halls of such upscale department stores, it's not for the faint of wallet. Today I'm reviewing their botanical extract shampoo and conditioner, $86 and $82, respectively.

Ready to find out what $168 feels like in your hair?

What: Sisley Paris Shampoo With Botanical Extracts and Hair Care ConditionerIntended Users: For all hair types, targeting scalp to grow healthier hair Price per ounce: Shampoo, $12.83; Conditioner, $15.47

Notable inclusions and exclusions: The shampoo is a traditional formula, but features extracts of hops and mustard, two beneficial hair ingredients you are not likely to find in other shampoos. It also includes rosemary essential oil, which is majorly helpful for hair. The conditioner has shea butter, lemon extract, lavender essential oil, castor oil, and panthenol. It also has glycolipids, which I haven’t seen anywhere else, to help prevent water loss in keratinized cells of the hair and nails.

Are They As Magical As Their Price Tags Would Suggest?

The shampoo was a bubble party! I used a teeny tiny amount, added a bit of water, and POOF: bubbles everywhere! With a fabulously rich lather that rinses away completely, it smells deeply, pleasantly herbal, thanks to the rosemary. After washing, my hair felt really smooth and squeaky clean, but not dry or crispy. Since I only wash my hair three times a week, I could see this tiny bottle lasting quite a long time.

I'll admit that my conditioner bias is hard, but sometimes you have to be honest with yourself. In this case, I liked the shampoo and conditioner equally, which is crazy-rare. The conditioner's shea butter makes it appropriate for many hair types. It penetrates quickly, without leaving buildup or weighing hair down. Photoceramides and wheat proteins rebuild damaged areas and soften. You can also use this conditioner as a weekly treatment. There is some dimethicone, but no slippery feeling.

Rating for both: 4.5 out of 5 emoji cats with heart-eyes

This stuff is insanely expensive, but works splendidly. If you can afford it, I absolutely recommend the splurge. If you can't afford it, you can still try it: Free samples are available at luxury department stores and online.

  • What’s the fanciest shampoo you have ever tried?
  • Are you a sample maven? Which luxe beauty counter is the most generous in your opinion?

Photos by Darnell Scott