Results! My 12-Week Trial Using Monistat 7 For Hair Growth

Who knew vaginal cream could be such a multi-tasker?
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January 29, 2015
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What if I told you that putting vaginal cream on your head two-and-a-half times a week could make your hair grow faster? Would you do it?

I sure waited long enough to try this one out, lurking in the shadows of long hair message boards, trying out stinkier and less "medical" options.

But I'm happy to report the anti-fungal cream did, in fact, speed the growth of my hair.

There really was no mistaking it. Five weeks ago, my shoulder length bob was more Leandra than Gwyneth. Now I am shocked at how much longer it looks. But I know what you all really want: cold, hard facts. So let’s get into the details on how this all went down. I know one thing is for sure, I’ll be continuing this one for the long term, so maybe in a few short months you’ll see me with a mermaid bikini.

The Big Question: Does Monistat 7 (or a generic miconazole nitrate preparation) cause hair to grow at a faster than normal rate and/or prevent excess shedding?

The Research: I pondered this a few months ago (read the article here), but here's a quick summary: Miconazole nitrate, the active ingredient in Monistat, can regulate scalp flora, another underlying cause of slowed hair growth or excess shedding. Many users report faster growth after two to three weeks of use. Some experience headaches as a side effect, which can possibly be due to the cream not being properly diluted, or being used to frequently, as a sufficient amount of the active ingredient is said to remain on the scalp for up to three days.

My Monistat Trial: Every third day for 35 days I washed my hair normally and then applied a solution (mixed in a hair color bottle) consisting of two ounces of water and a quarter teaspoon of Monistat to my scalp, briefly massaging it in.

Week 1 Measurements

Week 2 Measurements

Week 3 Measurements

Week 4 Measurements

Week 5 Measurements

Five week total, front: .5 inchesFive week total, back: 1.5 inches

Week 12 Measurements

Three month total, front (minus a 1/4-inch trim): .5 inches Three month total, back: 1.5 inches

Results: The growth seemed consistent with a faster-than-normal rate of one-quarter inch per week--in the beginning, that is.

One concern I had was whether or not ends would appear less sparse after the experiment. Though the improvement is not dramatic, I've noticed a greater number of long hairs passing the eight-inch mark. My hair is a bit uneven due to its crappiness, so I had to employ averages to determine the length in each photo.

Giving myself a blow-out today, my hair feels fuller and looks longer (but still isn't anywhere near where I want it to be). This points toward less shedding, but cannot be 100 percent confirmed.

Overall, this experiment caused me to keep my hair a bit cleaner and gave me hope for the future, which I haven’t had in nigh a decade. I did not experience any side effects, save for greasy ends on the first day from the mineral oil in the cream. That problem was easily avoided by simply rinsing the ends after applying the cream. While it was a simple procedure, the results were not as dramatic as I had hoped. It's hard out here for a bamboo-haired gal.

  • Spill the beans: How many of you have tried Monistat for hair growth?
  • Did it work?
  • What other hair growth products or hacks have you tried?

Photos by Darnell Scott