3 Super-Moisturizing Haircare Lines for Your Wrecked Hair and Weary Soul

These products keep my hair from reaching the levels of thirst previously only associated with dudes who use Facebook Messenger to hit on women.
Publish date:
September 16, 2015

Since swearing off men several months ago, my life has wildly and dramatically improved. I should have done this 10 years ago. I'd probably be CEO of the whole world by now!

I've been focusing on improving myself in lots of ways. I bought a car, I've been reading and writing more, I joined a gym, and I've been pinning a lot of healthy recipes to my Pinterest page and I plan to cook them! One day!

Next up on the self-improvement lineup: my hair, of course. My whole life, I've fought my frizz and curls, but the past few years I've opted to embrace what I was born with. I have the wild, untamable hair of the wild, untamable women who came before me. Why fight it?

I quite like the size, volume, and general zany-art-teacher vibe my hair has going on, but I could do without the dryness. Curly hair tends to be drier in general, and a summer of harsh AC and daily showering has done little to help my newfound levels of thirst.

In the never-ending journey to quench this thirst, I've found three moisturizing haircare lines at varying price points to keep my hair from reaching the levels of thirst previously only associated with dudes who use Facebook Messenger to hit on women. (Seriously, dudes. Stop that. It's a really annoying interface.)

Yes to Coconut Ultra Moisture

The Yes to Coconut line has been a personal favorite of mine since Kara wrote about it last summer. I actually just found out I have some mild eczema (so fun and flirty!), and their Eczema Relief Spray has been a lifesaver. The skincare can't be beat for replenishing dry skin, and the same goes for their haircare.

The Ultra Moisture Shampoo ($8) and Ultra Moisture Conditioner ($8) both leave my hair feeling clean and soft. They aren't too heavy for my fine hair, and you just cannot beat the sexy, summery scent. If you worship at the shrine of coconut oil but need something lighter-weight for your hair, give this stuff a shot.

The real standout in this collection for me is the Curl Defining Hair Smoother. I'm always on the search for my new favorite leave-in product, and this one impressed me a lot. Olive oil and cupuacu butter keep frizz at bay. I scrunch a bit of it onto my ends as I let my hair air-dry, and I'll smooth a little on top of any frizzy bits after it's all dried.

Paul Mitchell Marula Oil

Every time I spin around, there's a new, trendy oil waiting for me on the beauty shelves. It's getting crazy out there. When I heard "marula oil," I was like an exasperated DJ Khaled as I proclaimed, "Another one? ANOTHER ONE?"

There's no need to be exhausted, though. Marula oil is legit, and this Paul Mitchell line is luxe AF. The Rare Oil Replenishing Shampoo ($25) is gentle and nourishing. It's oil based and doesn't lather, but will leave your hair feeling fresh and soft. The Rare Oil Replenishing Conditioner ($26) left my hair feeling shiny and new.

The Rare Oil Intensive Masque ($38) is, indeed, very intensive. It's one of the heaviest deep-conditioning products I've ever used, so I make sure to keep it away from my roots. Focusing it heavily on my ends (which are #struggling), this masque can make a huge difference in just the several minutes I leave it on while shaving my legs or singing Dolly Parton songs in the shower. If your hair needs some seeeerious repair, pick up this stuff.

Bumble & bumble Quenching

I was tipped off to this line two years ago after going blonde, a woefully misguided adventure that lasted me all of about maybe two months. My hairdresser at the time sent me home with several samples of it, and I remember adoring it, but then it sort of fell off my radar.

I rediscovered it recently, though, and boy am I glad I did! Bb's Quenching line is some seriously top-notch stuff. I'm not sure I've ever used a shampoo ($31) that makes my hair feel so nourished while cleansing, and the conditioner ($34) is rich, moisturizing, and detangling.

The Quenching Masque ($38) has become a necessary, once-a-week tradition for me. It's thick and heavy, so I can't use it too often, but when used sparingly it seems to be actually rebuilding and replenishing all the sad broken bits of my hair, particularly the ends.

  • What are your favorite moisturizing hair products?
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