Crimped Hair: 3 Surprisingly Cute Ways I'm Trying to Make This Retro Trend Happen Again

Aside from adding an edgy look to your hair, there are some practical reasons why I love it so much.
Publish date:
March 16, 2016
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Recently, Marci posted an image on Instagram of a delivery she received at the Time Inc. offices. Overall, the contents made my '90s-loving heart heart flutter with joy; it included a Caboodles with some scrunchies, Ring Pops (the coolest lollipops ever) and a few other things that reminded me of my childhood.

But what stood out to me the most was the crimper.

Since I have naturally straight hair, I'm always looking for a temporary fix to add some sort of texture and body to my hair. I enjoy using my curling iron for curls and waves, but they tend to give my overall hair look a sweet vibe. The crimper on the other hand? That's one totally badass hair tool.

During my pre-teens I had one of those Conair hair tools that came with sliding plates for polishing (didn't know how to use that), waving (that was a really good feature), straightening (never used it because I have straight hair) and of course, crimping. Whenever I used it, I instantly felt cooler, edgier (crimped hair was the go-to hairstyle of every trendy '90s TV character I adored) and like less of a goody-goody.

These days, however, edgy hairstyles look much different. You could get an undercut, shave half of your head a la Cassie Ventura, or dye it a really bright or unexpected color — you get the deal. Still, crimped hair has a special place in my heart.

Aside from adding an edgy look to your hair, there are some practical reasons why I love it so much. For example, it can give your hair some volume, and, if you're pressed for time, you can even get away with only crimping the top layer of your hair or alternating sections and still get the dramatic effect of having crimps in your hair.

But why go on and on when I could just SHOW you why crimped hair is so amazing?

What do you think of crimped hair? Is there an '80s or '90s beauty trend you want to see make a comeback?