7 Modern Ways To Wear A Scrunchie

We all have a trusty scrunchie in our bathroom--it's time to take the relationship public.

All Full House and '80s or '90s childhood nostalgia jokes aside, the scrunchie is having a moment.

Models wore tweed scrunchies at Chanel’s Fall 2014 ready to wear grocery shopping extravaganza, Rag and Bone used them in its 2014 pre-fall look, and Marc by Marc Jacobs has been selling patterned versions since about 2011. So, yes, despite what Carrie Bradshaw says, scrunchies can be chic--even for a woman who "works at W magazine and lives on Perry Street."

Over at AnOther, Mhairi Graham pinpoints why now is the time for a scrunchie revival, calling the hair accessory a "retro, whimsical companion to the Sports Luxe trend."

Still, whenever I mention scrunchies to someone, they say they're too scarred by childhood fashion faux pas to relive the hair trend. But to me, the scrunchie plays the same role as claw clips: I use them when I’m bored of regular hair ties, or when I want my hair off my neck but don't want to put a dent in it. It’s a pretty easy transition to make, as you can see from these seven modern scrunchie styles I've put together for you today...

1. The Loose Low Pony

Otherwise known as the Heathers reboot--except I opted out of the brushed-back, no-part, uptight look Heather Chandler wore with her power red scrunchie.

How-To: Part your hair to the side, collect it at the nape of your neck, and tie it with a large black scrunchie, making sure the tops of your ears are covered by your hair. Next, pull out some smaller layers on the thicker side of your hair, pull the scrunchie down and away from the nape of your neck, and give your head a shake to loosen the look.

2. The Loose Braid

One of my favorite looks of all-time is a messy loose braid. What makes the scrunchie a nice companion for the loose braid is that the smaller black ones have a ribbon sort of look when tied around the end.

How-To: Create a loose braid and secure with a small scrunchie. Then, like with the loose low pony, pull out some of your shorter layers and make sure your hair covers the tops of your ears.

3. The High Pony

Normally a high pony leaves an awkward dent in the upper-middle part of my hair. Not so with a scrunchie. I like to call this my “don’t talk to me, don’t even look at me, I’m running errands” look.

How-To: Flip your hair (like you're bending over/dancing to Lil’ Jon and Ying Yang Twins' “Get Low”), brush all around to avoid bumps, and gathered hair together inside the magically easy scrunchie.

4. The Braided High Pony

Two summers ago I was all about the braided high pony, but my rather volume-less hair wasn’t playing along. No matter how tight I tied the ponytail, the weight of the braid loosened it. Scrunchie FTW! It forced my braided tail away from my head and gave me that swing I’d been aiming for.

How To: Use a larger, thicker scrunchie to first tie your pony, and then add a smaller one for extra length/oomph. Braid your ponytail and secure the bottom of with a regular hair tie (you don't want to overwhelm).

(Psst: This scrunchie + high braid combo was seen recently on Selena Gomez, as well as Ilana in the last episode of Broad City.)

5. The Bubble Pony

This is by far my favorite look of summer. Channeling and reinterpreting Valentino’s fall 2014 hairstyle, I’ve been using the smaller scrunchies instead of regular hair ties. Like with the anti-gravity effect that scrunchies have in the braided high pony, this looks better if it’s a mid-height pony as opposed to low and the nape of the neck, like in the Valentino show.

How-To: Make a low ponytail and secure with a small black scrunchie. Then add two more scrunchies at equal distance and tug the bubbles for volume.

6. The Loop-Through Messy Bun

I can tell you from experience that this bun will hold up even if you get caught walking home in a downpour that soaks through to your underwear. Since my hair is dark, I used a large, bright pink scrunchie to make the loop more noticeable.

How-To: Start by tying the the scrunchie around your hair twice, like you would for a ponytail, then, on the third tie, don't pull your hair all the way through--leave a little loop. Now pull the ends of your hair around to the front, separating the scrunchie from where it was touching, and tuck the ends into the bottom tie in the back of the bun.

7. Bardot Pigtails

I’ve been telling my hairdresser to give me variations of “Bardot hair” for the past two years. There is a great photo of Bardot that’s been circulating scrunchie roundups, it’s of her in a red top with pigtails tied with red scrunchies. While my long “Bardot bangs” have grown out since they were cut last November, I could still pull them out around my face for the right effect.

How-To: Obviously you know how to make pigtails, but I'll give you a few tips: make sure the tops of your ears are covered, pull down on the pigtails for a loose look, and go for mid-length that are parallel to your ears.

So...have I convinced you to take your scrunchies out of doors? Which one of these looks would you wear? And where would you wear it, too?

Can we all agree that Berger was the worst of all Carrie's boyfriends? (Even though he was right about the scrunchies.)