Are My Favorite Messy Hairstyles Too Messy For Real Life?

They look great on the runway, but would I get in trouble at work?
Publish date:
December 26, 2013
braids, Davines, buns, teasing, dry shampoos, messy hair, pigtails, backcombing, sea spray, top knots

A few days ago, I rolled
out of bed a bit later than I would’ve liked. I just started a part-time job at
the best art/design/jewelry/toy store ever, and I was terrified to be late, so
I proceeded to run around my apartment half-dressed in a panic, eating toast
while I did my eyeliner.

When I got to my hair,
I studied the fly-away-covered bun I had slept on the previous night and
decided it was sort of high fashion in its own way. I kept it as is, but
just before I stepped out of the front door, I started to question myself. Did
I look like a slob? What if my new job had a problem my unkempt
appearance? How messy is too messy?

Wispy slept-on updos
have been trendy for awhile now, and I don’t think we’ll see them vanish
anytime soon. My newest issue of Lula is laden with
cute, sleepy hairstyles (in fact, almost every issue is), and the runways are constantly host to messy, backcombed updos. Buns (both high and low) and low ponytails
still remain a favourite; everyone from Chanel and Vera Wang to Marni and
Bottega Veneta has jumped on the relaxed hair train over the past three years.

But the question remains: Does it translate as beautiful in real life, or plain
old messy?

My three favourite
messy hairstyles are low-slung pigtails, the slept-on topknot, and the big
loose braid. All three require a bit of backcombing, Davines sea salt spray,
and dry shampoo (I also use Davines because it smells amazing and isn’t too

Essentially, I give my hair a spray with each product, back
comb to create volume and frizz, then loosely pull together each style.


As much as I love these
looks, I ended up changing my hairstyle for work that day, whipping it into a
fresh, sleek bun.

Emmett’s input: “I think it’s fine if you have
a clean face,” (?) but of course in the end I had to ask you fine folks: Are messy hairstyles
trendy and awesome, or just plain lazy? What do you think?