OPEN THREAD: Whose Compliments Mean the Most to You?

Some you just believe more than others.
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July 15, 2016
hair color, compliments

I’ve been feeling kinda down about my hair color lately. It’s not bad, but it’s not anything I would have asked a colorist for. The top few inches are the mediumish-darkish brown that naturally grows out of my head, and then there’s a brassy bronde the rest of the way down — an unintentional ombré.

When I went from green back to dark brown, it involved some color-wheel science shit. My go-to Marie Robinson Salon colorist, Nikki Ferrara, painted a warm red on top of my green to muddy it back to brown, then tweaking it with a dark brown that matched my roots.

But as anyone who’s ever had red dye on their hair knows, no matter how beautifully you cover it, it eventually bleeds through, doing anything from simply warming up your newest layer of color to practically glowing through it with an orangey nuclear vengeance. The latter is pretty much what’s been happening to the older lengths of my hair, and even though I don’t like it, I’ve been kind of paralyzed with indecision about what to do with it.

I considered going platinum just because I never have before, but the hours-long process and never-ending maintenance freak me out. I thought about going over it with dark brown again, but I’m worried it’ll just revert to this ombré oddness in a month or two. I even asked celebrity Redken colorist Tracey Cunningham what she thinks I should do, and after telling me that she liked it as it is — girl, what? — she suggested an all-over red gloss, which she thinks will make the oopsbré look awesome.

I’m leaning towards Tracey’s suggestion (I mean, the woman colors Chrissy Teigen’s and Khloe Kardashian’s many hairs, so I should probably listen to her), but I haven’t had the time to get into a salon lately.

And then, just when I was feeling really fed up with it — I was at a casual wedding on Monday, and despite the low-key dress code, I would’ve liked my hair to look on-point — I posted a selfie to my Snapchat story (my username is marci-robin if you want to see a lot of dog park videos) — and my colorist, Nikki, sent me a chat replying to it.

(Below is the same selfie — flipped for mole-location accuracy, of course — and posted on Instagram to give a shout-out to one of my favorite local dress brands, Karina.)

“Pretty hair!” Nikki sent.

Wait, really?

Nikki, a woman who puts dye on the heads of people like Elie Kemper and Olivia Wilde, thinks my hair in its current state looks pretty?

I wanted to reply with, “But it’s changed so much since you dyed it back to brown!”

But instead, I decided to just accept the compliment. Savor it, actually. If two super-talented celebrity colorists think it looks good, at the very least, it probably doesn’t look as bad as I’ve come to believe it does.

I guess, working in beauty, I tend to really take compliments from experts to heart. Not that I don’t appreciate a compliment from anyone one comes from, but as every single one of us has experienced, kind words rarely change one’s mind about a physical feature that’s bothering them. But when kind words are more than kind words — when they’re the opinion of someone who’s an expert in the feature I’m feeling pretty poopy about — man, that’s pretty persuasive.

So while I still plan on making a change to my hair color sometime soon, however long the wait is between now and sometime soon is a little less annoying when I think about how such respected colorists think it’s A-OK.

How about you?

  • Whose compliments can totally change how you look at yourself?
  • What’s the best beauty compliment you’ve ever gotten?
  • Do you ever compliment people when you kinda don’t mean it, or do you save compliments for when you’re genuinely impressed?
  • What else is on your mind this weekend?