Let's Talk About the Gorgeous Hair at Marchesa FW2016

Plus, some insight into my first experience covering New York Fashion Week.
Publish date:
February 22, 2016
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I just wrapped up a pretty incredible week in NYC, where I covered NYFW in person for the first time.

I've been in the industry for a while, but being stationed in Phoenix makes it somewhat difficult to pull off a visit, especially during such a busy time of year. That said, it's always been a goal of mine to go and attend the shows and to see the trends happening right in front of my eyes.

To say that it was as marvelous as I thought it'd be is an understatement.

I really went all out, too. NYFW happened to take place over Valentine's Day weekend, so my boyfriend flew in for a couple days to attend a show at the Metropolitan Opera and treat me to a Valentine's Day dinner. I brunched it up with friends in the afternoons and enjoyed cocktails come sunset. I spent time backstage at Mara Hoffman, Zang Toi, Libertine and Marchesa.

On one particularly blustery, frigid and wet day, I cozied myself up in the luxurious, historic Algonquin Hotel, just me and a giant latte, and wrote for hours in a place that's storied for hosting the Algonquin Round Table, a famous group of writers and creatives. The next day, I ran all over NYC, including a stop at Time Inc. HQ, where I had lunch with Marci, Victoria and Maricar and met Dan and the ladies of MIMI.

On that same day, after lunch, I headed over to Marchesa.

Oh, Marchesa... It was as drippy and elegant and celebrity-studded as one could hope. I nearly fainted backstage over the gowns and the shoes. Bobbi Brown, the woman herself, was there doing makeup. Zac Posen showed up, Bryanboy was there, Anna Wintour was just across the aisle from me. It was like a NYFW dream, and I'm still in shock and awe that I was there, too.

The makeup was impeccable (sigh) and the clothes made my heart hurt they were so beautiful. The hair was easily one of my favorites of NYFW, though.

There were two primary hairstyles, a decision made by Marchesa and Calero due to the fact that, well, not every model has the same hair. Some have curly hair, some have thick or fine hair, some hair is long, and some hair is short. Even within the two styles, themselves, each model walked away with a slightly different-looking final result, even though the hairstyles were ultimately created one of two ways.

The first style method, pictured above, is a retro chignon inspired by weaving and macrame, according to Calero. This resulted in a smaller, knotted bun for people with shorter or finer hair.

For models with fuller or longer hair, the team opted for a more voluminous, elaborate chignon. The pictures above showcase this fuller look, and as I said, each looks a little different.

Regardless of the style, each model had hair parted in the middle. Products used were MoroccanOil Thickening Lotion, Dry Texture Spray and Luminous Hairspray Medium. The goal was to create a hairstyle that was beautiful, but didn't take away from the clothing. Calero said he wanted to make sure the model's didn't look like they were wearing a costume, and that it was a style everyone could wear at home.

Regarding that center part, Calero acknowledged that it can be a little tricky to pull off.

"When you're doing a part in the middle and it's quite severe, you have to be confident and wear a certain outfit that's going to be all about the outfit so that the hair just becomes secondary," he said.

A Quick How-To

Calero says that the style takes five to 10 minutes to do. I watched hairstylists do it several times, and that's an accurate statement. If you're a hair whiz, I imagine you won't have a hard time recreating the look in that amount of time, either.

Even if you're not confident in your hair skills, this is still a look I think you can create and pull off, though it may take some finagling.

And that's it!

  • What do you think of the Marchesa hair? The clothes? The makeup?
  • What is your favorite look from all of fashion week?