I'm Trying Pastel Hair for the First Time with the New Manic Panic Creamtone Collection

The pink is just the beginning.
Publish date:
April 1, 2016
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It's not a secret that I've grown tired of my bleached-blonde hair. It's a lot of work to keep up with the roots, ward off brassiness, and keep my hair looking even slightly healthy. I'd have no problem just shaving it off for the summer, but the summer is still some time away.

Then I heard about Manic Panic's new Creamtone collection and knew what my next course of action had to be. The line is made up of five pastel shades: Sea Nymph, Blue Angel, Velvet Violet, Fleurs Du Mal, and Dreamsicle.

Previously if you wanted to achieve pastel-colored hair from Manic Panic, you had to dilute a shade with white conditioner (or use their Pastel-izer). This line allows you to skip that step entirely and just slap the pastel dye on your head. Of course, there are some requirements to be met first.

They recommend that your hair is a level 10, so I had one last toning session to remove any yellow. Then your hair has to be freshly shampooed (and not conditioned!) and completely dry.

While I was waiting for my hair to dry, I tested out the various shades on a few strands of hair. (The green dye is missing because I made the mistake of taking it to a St. Patrick's Day party.)

Pretty, right? I was very excited to see those results.

I decided my first introduction to the world of Manic Panic and unnatural hair colors had to be pink. I mixed the entire jar of Fleurs Du Mal with about a quarter of the jar of Dreamsicle. Yep, if you have hair that's longer than a pixie cut you should count on buying at least two jars of the shade you need.

This was the final result in the bowl:

I started out with good intentions, painting the dye onto my hair with a brush as instructed. Then I got impatient and just dumped it on with my (gloved) hands. The instructions say to wait for at least 30 minutes; I pushed that to an hour, maybe a little more. In the meantime, I had fun turning my hair into a pink ice cream swirl.

Oh, and I used a hair dryer for a few minutes near the end to help things along with some heat.

I was a little nervous that it wouldn't work for some reason, but lo and behold, after stepping out of the shower, I was met with the most glorious hair I've ever had in my life.

There's a few different tones throughout, but I like that. It was darker than I expected so I'm excited to see how it looks as it fades after a few shampoos. I'm also having a lot of fun pairing different kinds of makeup looks with the pink hair.

This is my very first time having a hair color that couldn't conceivably grow out of someone's head, believe it or not. I'm having so much fun with it. My dad hates it and random people at Target love it. Boys are confused and surprised by how much they like it and I am reminded yet again that boys know nothing.

I think that after the pink fades, I'll use up Creamsicle for a light pinky-peach. After that, I'll probably combine Blue Angel and Sea Nymph (I got it back from the St. Patrick's Day party intact somehow!) for some minty sea-foam goodness. The last one will be Velvet Violet for pretty lavender hair.

Can you tell I'm way too excited to dump this entire line of hair dye on my head? Can you blame me?

Anyway, I promise to keep you updated as I cycle through all the colors of the pastel rainbow. I think I can already say with utmost certainty, however, that the Manic Panic Creamtone line is all you need if you're looking for perfect pastel hair. Well — that and a vat of bleach. I don't see this working on darker hair. But if you have light blonde hair or even dirty-blonde hair, I'm curious to see how it looks if you want to experiment and report back!

  • What do you think of my new pastel pink hair?
  • Will you be trying the Creamtone line? Which shade(s)?