How I Trick My Stubbornly Straight Hair Into Being Wavy

It has taken me years of experimentation, and a lot of product, to reach the state of wavy goodness I have finally attained.
Publish date:
November 11, 2013
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In my dream world, I have perfectly wavy, magical hair. It's soft and beachy, like the mermaids' hair in Peter Pan. Wild and free--that's my dream hair.

But something strange occurred when I was born in the year 1990: It was as if the trends of the decade had somehow transfused into my head, and as my hair grew in, it was perfectly suited to the times. My natural hair is straight--painfully, frustratingly straight--and it comes equipped with built-in natural golden blonde streaks that appear when my hair is exposed to the sun.

As time moved on, I started to use bleach and texturizing products to fade out my natural hair colour and add some body to my hair. The colour part was easy enough, but the war against the straightness proved to be a long and tiresome battle.

I don't even know how to convey just how straight my hair is when I get out of the shower. I have never owned a hair straightener, or even touched one for that matter. I have blown through an insane amount of hairspray over the past 10 years, and I always need the highest strength to hold a style.

In order to have a single curl, be it from a curling iron, hot rollers, or overnight rag method, I literally have to coat each strand with hairspray before curling and after, and still the look will usually only last an hour tops. It hardly even stays in a ponytail. It's sort of exhausting!

It has taken me years of experimentation, and a lot of product purchasing ("Ow," says my wallet) to reach the state of wavy goodness I have finally attained now. I've been able to figure out a routine that tricks my hair into being nice and wavy each morning instead of stuck to my face.

It involves a series of fancy products, a little bit of medusa-like braiding, and a lovely night of beauty sleep. The best part? I get to wake up to the hair of my dreams.

First, I shower. This is important, because I won't wash my hair again for upwards of four days after I load it with product and attain that perfectly tousled look.

I towel dry until my hair takes on a damp mop like consistency, then I start producting it up.

I apply a big glob (about the size of a quarter) of Kevin Murphy's Hair Resort Beach Texturizer, rubbing it together in my hands and then running it all through my damp hair from roots to ends.

This product is all glimmery and magical looking in your hands, smells a bit like honey, and works wonderfully to create a slight beachy wave.

After my hair has been beach gooed up, I just use my still goopy hands to scrunch and crunch the hair a bit so it looks a teeny weeny bit wavy.

My hair will probably still straighten as it dries, but that's OK--the foundation has been set!

Next, I hang out and let my hair gradually transform to its almost at-full-dryness state. Usually, this occurs over a day working in my home office or an evening watching documentaries.

When my hair is finally just about to be dry, I spray it with a thick layer of Oribe dry texturizing spray.

This stuff is seriously more valuable to me than gold; it smells delicious, gives me hair incredible texture that it has never had ever before, and you can use it on greasy hair days as a dry shampoo too! It is perfection in a canister.

The last step is simultaneously the most goofy and the most important.

I braid my hair into four or five loose chunky braids and let them naturally stick in place, glued by all the products. Little clips in the end would work great too, like butterfly clips and such, but they’re not necessary unless your hair isn’t quite sticky enough to hold the braid.

Finally, exhausted from all that scrunching and braiding, I collapse into bed for a good full night of beauty sleep. Don’t worry when you wake up if the braids have sort of fallen out a bit; it’s all part of the magic.

The next morning, I wake up, undo the braids, and it's as if my dreams have come true!

I top the whole process off with a bit of scrunching, a tiny bit of backcombing at my crown, and a heavy coating of Davines Crystal Fixative Lacquer for Wizards (yeah, wizards).

To keep this look up, I simply redo the messy braids each night, hairspray in the morning, and add more Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray as needed until I wash my hair and start from scratch.

Hello hair of my dreams!