Pastel Hair Colors Are Finally Super-Easy To Maintain at Home

No mixing. No measuring. Just conditioning in the shower.
Publish date:
June 16, 2015
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The biggest question I get about pastel hair is “How often do you have to dye it?”

It seems that everyone is aware of the maintenance that goes into having a unicorn mane, and they’re all terrified to try it themselves for fear that Manic Panic and rapid fading will take over their life. But guess what, pastel people! Maintaining your powdery hues just got a whole lot easier.

With the tagline “Welcome to the end of faded color,” Overtone was made by "fantasy"-color-haired people for "fantasy"-color-haired, and the products really live up to their promise. With 21 super-pretty shades, Overtone is damage-free, cruelty-free, and vegan, and they show swatches both on bleached and non-bleached hair, so you can get an idea of what the colours might do for you before buying. There’s even a quiz to help you get the exact shade to accomplish your hair goals!

The best part? It’s incredibly simple to use. All you have to do is condition your hair with the correct shade.

No, seriously. That’s it, though.

Overtone conditioners are specially designed to colour your hair in a non-damaging way while you shower, so if you have light hair, you’ll end up with a bright color, depending on formula intensity—Pastel, Vibrant or Extreme— and if you have darker hair, you’ll get a slight tinge; if your hair is already a pastel colour the conditioner will simply refresh and maintain it. No mixing, no measuring; just great colour.

In the past, I’ve mentioned I love seeing how my hair fades out, but even I can get behind maintaining one shade with something this simple.

Because I’m a little bit scattered with hair colours, I’ve also been playing around with how to use Overtone’s product line in a more fun way, and it turns out there are a whole bunch of great options! For example, putting a pastel orange conditioner over a fading pink creates the perfect peachy flamingo coral shade, and adding a bit of pastel blue to pastel purple turns my hair true periwinkle. These conditioners are truly foolproof, so have fun with them!

Here are a few other notes on my findings:

The Go Deep weekly treatments are NOT subtle. I used Vibrant Pink on the top half of my hair in these photos, and as you can see it was indeed VERY vibrant.

If you’re looking for something to really dye your hair, the Vibrant conditioners or Go Deep treatments are your best bet. I tried four conditioner shades on my ends in these photos (pastel orange, blue, purple, and teal) and as you can see the final product was very subtle, and it faded out almost immediately afterward.

For more vibrant, lasting colour, apply the conditioner to dry hair the first time like you would a hair mask.

  • Have you tried Overtone?
  • What’s your favourite fantasy hair colour?