The Boxed Hair Color That Passes Every Test

The packaging is genius. The color is outstanding. And the application is practically foolproof.
Publish date:
August 14, 2014
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Thanks to fading purple highlights, I recently had some people ask me if my hair was green. Obviously, I needed to handle that business immediately!

With my normal shade of Garnier color out of stock, I picked up L’Oreal Superior Preference Mousse Absolue in shade 425 Medium Mahogany Brown. And, guys, it was awesome! So awesome, in fact, that I'm going to review it right here and now. Ready to be dazzled?


This color comes in a dual canister, which eliminates the need to self-mix color into the developer. Just shake the canister and the color is mixed. I really like this because it's less messy and it saves a bit of time.


The mousse formula dispenses easily with a quick press of a button on the cap. I'd never tried a mouse formula before this; I didn't think they'd saturate my hair well enough. Not only did this completely saturate my hair, it also made it easer to see exactly where the color was being distributed. Additionally, the contained, non-drippy mousse was less messy than traditional liquid color.


The fact that this is a multi-use product is a big draw for me. With most boxed hair color you get one application and the leftovers have to be thrown away. L'Oreal's mousse has a storage cap that keeps the color fresh until you're ready to use it again. According to the box, you can get two full applications if you have short hair; one application and one root touch-up if you have mid-length hair; and one full application if you have long hair. I kept my leftover color right in my cabinet.


The design of this product is super smart, but the color quality is what made me want to write about it. Initially, I hadn’t picked it up with the intention to review it. (It was bought on an 11 p.m. trip to Walgreens.) But I was so impressed with it that I pitched it to xoVain right away! The color came out a really rich red-brown. As an added bonus, my hair actually felt softer than it usually does after I color it.

I typically dye my hair some sort of red-brown, and red is the fastest color to fade out. When I've colored my hair with other box dyes, I’m still rinsing some of the red out the next day and I’ll have a bit of a stain on my pillowcase. That was not the case with this color.

Overall I was super impressed with L’Oreal Superior Preference Mousse Absolue. I got really great results for a decent price. Ideally I’d love to be able to get my hair done in a salon (nothing beats a shampoo and a scalp massage), but for those in between times when my pocketbook doesn’t really allow it, I will definitely be using this color again!

Have you tried Mousse Absolue? What is your favorite at-home hair color?