Look To Try This Weekend: WTF Messy Fishtail Braids


It’s been a minute since we’ve covered pigtails on the site, and that’s a shame because they’re hot. I saw these on an ASOS model while researching flower crowns for another story and thought, “Hey, I can do that.” This was my same reaction when broke me needed a Brazilian. To write this.

I didn’t have a microwave and wasn’t about to drop $40 on a wax warmer, so I boiled a pot of water and let the wax melt in there. Then I proceeded to apply it TO MY AREAS. Turned out great, but, you know, “too hot for Vain.”

Fishtail braids are really easy. I’m kind of over chicks being all, “Unnn I can’t braid! Braiding is hard!” I’m here in Seattle in some fancy house littered with water features that this dude BUILT HIMSELF BECAUSE HE FELT LIKE IT ONE DAY, which leads me to believe that any task that can be typed into the Google search bar can be done by your average human.

Here, I drew some instructions:

1. Split hair into two sections.

2. Take a section of hair from the back of one of the larger sections.

3. Wrap it around and over the larger section from which you took it, combining it with the opposite section.

4. Pull sections away from each other to tighten.

5-7. Repeat by taking a small section from the back of the opposite section. Section, section, section. What other word is there, seriously?

So for this look, I just split my hair into pigtails, tied them off with tiny rubber hair elastics, and braided small sections tied off with more elastics. The larger the sections you use while creating your fishtail braids, the looser the braid will be. If you use smaller sections, your braid will be tighter and look more intricate.

I alternated between looser and more intricate braids, and after tying each one off I pulled the braid apart to loosen TO THE EXTREME and give more of a messy look.

Everybody is still wearing pigtails on the reg, right? And what’s the deal with Braiding (refusing to drop the g) With Brayden? You guys realize it’s just your average three-part braid that you can proceed with Googling right now. My intern has no further knowledge to drop on the matter.