This Hair Product Is Like a Trim In a Bottle

As someone who perpetually has a serious case of split ends, I was incredibly skeptical, but Living Proof delivers.
Publish date:
July 1, 2016
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Even though I'm obsessed with — OK, more like addicted to — checking my hair for split ends, I was instantly intrigued by Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Fresh Cut Split End Mender and wanted to see if it lived up to its bold claims.

As you probably surmised, the product promises to seal your split ends to give you that near-orgasmic, can't-stop-running-your-fingers-through-your-hair "fresh haircut" feeling.

No actual haircut required.

It claims to treat split ends with what they refer to as "Instant Zip Technology," which is exclusive to the brand and works by targeting the split and "packing in microscopic charged capsules that utilize ionic forces" to seal it up. This technology is different from resin-based products that glue split ends together, but often leave hair feeling tacky and weighed down.

As someone who perpetually has a serious case of split ends, I was incredibly skeptical of this so-called zip technology. I'm here to report, though, that the product somehow lives up to a lot of its claims. Worried I was just seeing things or being too "glass half full," I decided to read online reviews (while stroking my hair) and numerous reviewers were just as impressed.

This ish is for real, and I'm completely dumbfounded.

The after picture was taken five minutes after applying the product to dry hair. The difference is subtle in pictures, but you can see a slight increase in sheen and softness. It's probably easier to see the difference in texture and appearance in person.

I'll be 100% honest and tell you that, upon really close inspection, I can still see some of the bigger, more dramatic split ends after application. However, I'm very familiar with the splitty status of my hair, and many of the small splits truly are sealed.

Most importantly, though, it doesn't weigh my hair down at all, which is my biggest pet peeve with any haircare product. Instead, it gets soaked up in minutes and does not feel sticky or tacky or thick. This is true whether I apply it dry or wet.

This sealing action makes my ends look healthier and, though it doesn't quite reach that "just got cut" level, it does deliver a "got my hair cut within the past two weeks" look.

In conclusion (for those of you who scrolled to the end): this product is legit. I highly recommend it as an addition to your current routine, and certainly as a replacement to any split-end sealer that isn't delivering.

  • What's the current status of your ends?
  • Does anyone else constantly look for split ends and marvel when you find a good one? And by good I mean Guinness World Record number of splits.