Lightening My Hair Straightened Out Some of My Curls, So This Is How I'm Reversing the Damage

These are the five steps I'm taking to whip my hair back into shape.

Every year, when spring hits, I get an itch to add a little lightness to my hair. This year, I decided to add a bit more blonde than I usually do in the hopes that I can get progressively lighter and lighter in order to ultimately go light enough to go lavender.

I’m in love with my new color, but since we went from a boxed reddish-brown to blondish, this round of coloring actually did a fair amount of damage to the ends of my curls. My ends always get a bit crispy post-coloring, but some of my curls actually straightened entirely at the ends, and many of my normal go-to products just weren’t enough to whip them back into shape.

Here’s what I did to improve the condition of my curls.

Trimmy Trim Trim

I see my stylist about every other month for a little trim to keep my hair healthy as I’m growing it out. I made sure to schedule my appointment for after I got my hair colored (I see a different person for color) which was perfect because then she was able to trim off some of those super-straight ends. That alone made a huge difference in the way my hair looked and felt.


To add a little strength back into my hair, I picked up a little protein pack at my local beauty supply store. I did one of these about every other week for a month and it made my hair feel less brittle and weak.

Color Maintenance

Purple shampoos are nothing new here, so I won’t go on and on. I asked everyone in the comments on one of Sable’s articles if purple shampoo was helpful for non-platinum blondes and the consensus was: yes. My hair very strongly pulls red no matter what I color it, but a twice-a-week combo of Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner seems to be keeping it from being too brassy.


I do my once-weekly routine of oil and deep conditioner, but as far as my regular conditioner, I have been loving the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Conditioner. In addition to smelling divine, this conditioner makes my hair feel SO SOFT. Like, hair-commercial soft. You guys know I’m ride-or-die for Shea Moisture, so I may be biased, but this conditioner is pretty much the best I’ve ever used.

Dry Styling

The one thing I’ve noticed about my curls is that they tend to hold style better on non-wash/condition days because the dryness of my hair just has better hold. I typically condition about every two to three days, so on the off days I use the Kevin Murphy Shimmer.Shine Repairing Shine Mist to “fake it ‘til I make it,” so to speak.

This spray has a gorgeous gold shimmer in it, and the key ingredient is baobab oil, which is a non-greasy oil that is chock full of vitamin E, which provides protection from environmental damage; the oil itself penetrates the hair really well to provide hydration. I like to use it on non-wash days because it gives my hair a nice sheen but doesn’t weigh it down.

  • Have any of my fellow curly-haired peeps noticed a straight-end effect when coloring?
  • What kind of products do you like to use to maintain the integrity of your curls?