Road Testing The Most MacGyver Hair Clip Ever

Just how functional is the Leatherdos Multitool Hair Clip?
Publish date:
September 30, 2014
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By now, you’ve probably seen this Leatherdos Multitool Hair Clip shared somewhere on the Internet. The concept is simple: A stainless-steel hair clip to help you handyman your way through life like the hairpin MacGyver you are. It was originally designed as a clip for securing yarmulkes, but has since been marketed to ladies of the tinkering persuasion.

I regularly use the Swiss Army Multitool on my keychain and was super excited to put this hair clip through its paces and see for myself: nifty or gimmicky?

So I placed an order for the clip and waited--and waited. I painted my toe nails, cleaned my drivetrain, arranged my tea collection in alphabetical order, and waited some more.

A solid month and a half later the package finally arrived. It had shipped from Israel, but unless it was couriered over on the back of a rock hyrax, this impatient gal just cannot fathom why it took so gosh darned long to arrive. Is that kind of wait time typical for overseas packages? Can I keep the rock hyrax?

So, yeah, I was foaming at the mouth waiting for this little clip to enter my life. When it finally did, I un-foamed (as one does) and went to work.

Leatherdos Can Function As:

  • a coin for shopping carts
  • an 8 mm wrench
  • a small and large Phillips screwdriver
  • a ruler
  • a cutter

Things I Accomplished With The Tool:

The cutting edge of the hair clip is genuinely handy. It’s not actually sharp, just serrated, and placed in the center so you're not likely to jab your finger when using the tool as a wrench.

Opening a bag of chips. The first thing I did with this tool was cut open a bag of Trader Joe’s potato chips, because I was hungry and their bags are sealed tighter than Giselle Bündchen’s planking game. Priorities, people.

Doing a scratch-off and tightening the screws on my glasses. Later that day, I used the edge on a scratch-off coupon, having used all my quarters doing laundry. Then I used the screwdriver end to tighten the screws on my sunglasses, something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time.

Over the course of a week, I used this multitool hair clip to...

  • open envelopes
  • clean under my nails
  • cut grape stems
  • hold my place in a book
  • clip gloves to my jacket
  • and roast a tiny marshmallow over a candle

Things I Did NOT Accomplish With the Tool

Wrenching things. I am a little torn about the versatility of an eight-millimeter, six-point box-end wrench on the end of a multitool hair clip. It sucks to have to fuss with your hair every single time you want to wrench something. Even more, what are the chances that eight millimeters is the size that you’ll be needing? Myself and most of my cycling friends carry around a 15 millimeter wrench for changing flats, and my car driving friends prefer a half-inch size for battery terminals. That said, my bike does require an eight millimeter wrench for inessential tasks like adjusting my rack stays (no, this is not an elaborate euphemism for adjusting my bra).

Measuring things. Another aspect of the tool that I had wanted to use was the tiny ruler marked on the side, not for taking hyper-precise measurements, but as a reference to how long an inch is. Unfortunately, the designers of this clip did not include any markings to indicate what each notch means, leaving me to debate a question the science world has been debating since beginning of time: metric or standard? I have no clue.

Opening bottles. I kind of enjoyed trotting out this tool to use, but I hated having to do and re-do my hair each time I wanted to use it. Also, I wouldn’t mind having more useful functions included, like the toothpick, tweezers, or nail file on my Swiss Army blade. Or, like, even just a bottle opener. I tried every possible configuration and couldn’t force my way into a single ale. (Although, for ladies with long nails, this would be an excellent tool to pop tabs on cans.)

But Is It Even A Decent Hair Clip?

The Leatherdos Multitool Hair clip definitely looks more like a multitool than a hair clip--and it has frighteningly good snapping and holding power. I was a little reticent to use it in my hair (you know, breakage and all) but it definitely holds more strands and fastens more securely than other clips. At first I was a disappointed that it didn’t come in cute colors, but the more I wore it, the more I began to dig the über utilitarian/steampunk vibe.

Basic Side Part and Pin: add a few more clips if you want to veer more '90s.

Single Braid with Hair Clip Accents: I felt a little bit like the steampunk cousin of the rainbow fish.

World’s Laziest Victory Roll: I wrapped the hair around my finger to form the curl and then pinned it flat against my head. This looks holds up surprisingly well under a bike helmet.

Does this little thingamabob intrigue you? Enough to wait a month and a half for delivery? What would you use it for?