The Knotted Hairstyle That Looks Awesome Under A Bike Helmet

Yesterday, I showed you how to wear a silk scarf with your bike helmet. Today, I'll show you an equally fancy hairstyle SANS scarf!
Publish date:
May 21, 2014
How-To, hairstyles, bikes, knots, helmet hair

My mother raised my siblings and me to be self-sufficient; we change our own light bulbs, hack our IKEA furniture, and floss every day. I could spend hours strolling up and down the aisles of a hardware store dreaming up reasons to buy shiny bits of polished hardware, gorgeous trims of wood, magnets that lift 100 pounds.

But I’m also a princess (in a non-gender-demeaning kind of way) and refuse to go to the hardware store without looking 100% like a babe because I firmly believe that there is nothing sexier than a woman who paints her nails and her baseboards. I want to show up looking like a woman with her own curated tool kit 100 times more rad-ass than the flimsy kit her ex got from opening an account at the bank that didn’t even include a hammer or tape measure.

This hairstyle summarizes all of the above (even the part about the ex). Square knots are sexy, practical and unexpected--the perfect knot for a woman who is going to re-pot her tomato plants, refinish her coffee table, and hang a new bike hook all in the same weekend.

For this how-to, I wore hair extensions in order to make the knot easy to follow. The final look is without the extensions.

What do you think?