The Hairstyle That Looks Adorable Both In And Out Of Your Knit Hat

This toque season I'm totally obsessed with hat-hair pigtails. Here's how to do them.
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October 16, 2013
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I don't care what anyone says (ahem, Lauren), I can't get enough of fall. It is the best season; or at least the best-dressed season, in my opinion. It doesn't get any cuter than knee socks with velveteen dresses and knit cardigans, or big scarves that look like blankets, right?

And then of course there’s toques. Oh, how I love a good toque!

Like a mitten for your head, toques are a cozy fall essential that could very possibly save your ears from frostbite one day. The only problem is they're not always the most appropriate hair accessory for a special occasion or fancy dinner (though I've sported one inappropriately on multiple occasions because Toronto gets so cold).

So how do you wear your warm, knitted hat en-route to the bar/restaurant/party/ballet and not have to keep it on indoors to hide your hat hair? It's more simple than you think, my friends.


Round up your favourite hat, a few bobby pins and two hair ties. I use those tiny plastic ones from the dollar store that are SUPER bad for your hair and sometimes break during my adventures, but you can use any higher end option of your choosing, too.


Separate your hair into a top half and a bottom half. Pin the top half back neatly (I like to back-comb a bit to get some added height).

Then, separate the bottom half into two "tails" divided down the middle.


Rope each bottom half into a little (or big) pigtail. Placement should be behind your ears, with the elastic landing parallel to your earlobes. This positioning will help the tails escape perfectly out of the bottom of your chosen headwear.


Style your piggies! I usually back comb them to make them really big, but you can curl them, hair chalk them, tie little bows onto the elastics--whatever suits your fancy!


Apply your hat to your head, fluff up those pigtails, and you're good to go, frostbite free!

Bonus: when you arrive at your fancy destination of choice, you can take off the hat and smooth down any static with a damp hand in the bathroom, and even add a bow to the back of the pigtails (you can never have too many bows in your hair).

You'll be the belle of the ball, all with a warm and toasty head no matter what the weather.

Do you have a favorite winter hat? What do you do with your hair when you wear it?