This Hair Product Will Solve All Your Problems And Make You Want To Have Sex With Yourself

OK, your mileage may vary with all of that. But it will add a ton of shine and it doubles as a perfume.
Publish date:
April 11, 2014
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Transitioning from one product
to another in my quest for beauty can be quite boring,
which is why I’m really only motivated to
keep up with something if it’s somehow both satisfying and sensual.

Kevin Murphy Shimmer.Shine Repairing Shine Mist is so effective and smells so good, that I am hesitant to even write about it
because I don’t actually want other people to use it. Save for the fact that I
love beauty shoptalk more than my selfish desire for perfection or uniqueness, I hope it becomes such a classic that it is never discontinued and I can keep
using it forever!

Some backstory: After years of dying my hair various shades of red, I decided to grow it out to its natural dark brown. Dying my hair made my scalp increasingly oily and the ends of my hair brittle and poufy.

Finally, thanks in part to Shimmer.Shine -- which contains baobab seed oil for hydration and bamboo extract (a natural source of silica), plus vitamins A, C, and E -- three years later my texture feels more cohesive and closer to “back to normal." Although in the last eight months, I’ve noticed a fast-growing amount of wiry silver-gray hairs (which I haven’t minded too much).

After a few spritzes, the ends feel healthy, like they do post-haircut, and my grays are noticeably more soft--they don’t stick up in their wiry way. Most important, it never makes my scalp look or feel oiler than normal. Isn’t that what we all want for our hair?

About the scent: Shimmer.Shine smells elegant, but also sweetly masculine (femininely masculine?). I have gotten so many compliments on the scent alone that it has become more like personal fragrance than a hair mist. I’ve had days when I love the smell so much that I carry it in my
bag and spray it on during bathroom breaks to keep the scent super-strong, and
it still never manages to make my hair look greasy.

Best of all: The scent mixes really well with one of my staple perfumes, Carthusia Ligea, which is usually just set aside for when I feel like channeling my sexy inner Italian stallion.

Lately, when I smell even a trace of it, I find myself fantasizing about wearing Dior’s first look from the spring 2014 couture show. I may or may not be wearing silver handcuffs that match the metallic shoes. Tim Blanks’ review of the show did talk of intimacy and that it “was a celebration of the hand”--I just don’t think he meant mine, in bed.

To further showcase how amazing this product is I was inspired to replicate Dior’s spring 2014 couture beauty look: subtle, fresh, and shimmery, and very much me.

Is there a product that makes you want to stay in bed with yourself? Maybe with handcuffs?