The Miracle Mousse All Curl-Lovers Need

Plus: my new haircut!

I have a terrible secret to confess: I wait far too long between haircuts.

Whenever I talk to stylists, they say that this is the pretty much the worst thing that you can do for your hair, aside from over-washing. Regular trims get rid of split ends (always a hazard when you frequently heat style) and, y’know, actually gives your hair a cute shape and style.

It’s been six months since I last had my hair cut, and now that I’m growing out my bangs, I knew it was time. So I booked an appointment with Lorelei at Tsubo Salon in Chicago.

You may remember Lorelei from when she cut my hair into a great bob last year. She is a legitimate hair genius, and I knew my left-to-their-own-devices-for-FAR-too-long lovely locks would be in safe hands with her.

We talked a bit about what I was looking for in a cut, as well as some of the follicular challenges I’ve been having lately. My biggest issue is that now that it's no longer super-damaged, my hair will NOT hold a curl. It doesn’t matter what tools I use or how much hairspray I shellac it with; after an hour, my curls lapse into loose waves.

I know: Oh no! My hair is in really good condition! Waaah! But as happy as I am to have my natural waves back, I miss the days of bleach damage and giant curl clouds that stayed forever.

Lorelei knew exactly what I needed. “I have the perfect product for you,” she said. “It’s going to change your life.”

And she was not kidding.

But first: my new haircut. Stand back, because it’s really cute.

It’s a couple inches shorter, with layers that are shorter in the back and longer in the front (I hate “face framing” layers on me). It’s swingy and stylish and totally versatile. Plus, my ends are so CLEAN now.

Most importantly, my bangs have been incorporated into the overall hairstyle.

Lorelei took out a lot of the heaviness (without sacrificing their length) and gave them some shape. Now they actually look like they’re SUPPOSED to be there, rather than like I’m six weeks into growing out a very blunt fringe and am coping with what the Gods of Hair have given me.

Which is true. But I don’t want to LOOK it.

Once my cut was done, Lorelei introduced me to my new magical product: Kevin Murphy Body.Builder Volumising Mousse.

This stuff has not only changed my hair game, it’s totally changed my opinion about mousse. It’s an aerosol, for one thing, and has a light tangerine scent instead of smelling like pure chemicals. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling stiff, crunchy or sticky, and makes it look even shinier than it does naturally.

But most importantly: it makes my curls hold like you would not BELIEVE. I curled my hair at 8 a.m., shot these pictures at 2 p.m., and they’re still immaculate as I write this review 12 hours later. Without this mousse, my hair would have slid into Blank Space territory hours ago.

Even better: I don’t have to significantly change up my normal hair care routine to get it to work. I still wash it twice a week, towel dry, and follow up with Redken Smooth Lock Heat Glide. Then I shake Body.Builder REALLY WELL--like arm workout well--and spray about a palmful into my hand.

I work it through, concentrating mainly on my ends (but getting a bit at the roots for volume, too). Then I blow it out, and miracle of miracles, the mousse doesn’t change the way my hair feels or looks in any way. It’s like it vanishes, leaving only its magic behind in my soft, unfrizzy hair.

And oh man, WHAT MAGIC IT IS. I don’t have to cover my head with tons of hairspray anymore! Curly styles stay until I wash them out! A whole new world of hair options have opened up to me, and I couldn’t be more excited.

So thank you, Lorelei, for being a superstar and leading me to a new and amazing hair product. Kevin Murphy products can be found in cool salons, and I strongly suggest you check them out. And if you want Lorelei to do your hair--which I also highly recommend--you can book with her online!

  • Now tell me: when was your last haircut?
  • What do you think about my new style?
  • Are you a Kevin Murphy fan like yours truly?
  • What do you use to keep your curls?