5 Ways To Get Some Keratin In Your Hair Before Summer

Publish date:
April 12, 2015
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The most common misconception about keratin is that it straightens hair. Nope! It's the method of application that controls the outcome. Sure, a BKT (Brazilian Keratin Treatment) will straighten hair--if that’s what you want--but if you’re like me, you prefer the option to go curly, smooth, or in between depending on your mood.

You don’t have to go full keratin treatment to get the benefits of this protein, so stop wondering and start living your best hair life. Here are five keratin-packed options for controlling frizz and breakage without sacrificing texture.

1. For a smoother, longer lasting blow-out.

So I tried Keratin Complex at the brand's relaunch (you can read about it here), but I’m going to give the Vita Volume Boosting Foam another shout-tout, because: RAD! I've been using it for a while now, and whether I pair it with beach spray and diffuse or grab my round brush and go to Smoothville, this stuff gives me amazing style memory and extra protein protection from the keratin content.

2. For an in-salon protein boost.

I had a fun keratin powwow recently with my hairy godfather, Curtis Wood at Salon Caru. We caught up on gossip while he treated me to Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi Keratriplex Treatment--it keeps blondes out of the danger zone. With three types of keratin protein, this two-step treatment prevents snapping and repairs holes in the cuticle, making hair insanely shiny and locking in color. At Salon Caru, the treatment is $15 as a color add-on, $60 as a haircut add-on, or $90 by itself. I see no reason to not forgo a single cocktail (in NYC prices) to bump your hair’s health into the stratosphere.

3. For the true Brazilian experience on the cheap.

Novex is a cult favorite Brazilian hair brand that is finally available stateside! Carried at Ricky’s and Sally Beauty Supply, this affordable newcomer is one of the only keratin product lines that is actually from Brazil. A super mondo 16 ounce tub of deep conditioner laced with keratin is a mere $8.99! That is a score!

4. For a luxe and rare glycolic acid keratin treatment.

If you lead the luxe life, you know all about Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Spa. The most famous location is on NYC's Upper East Side, but there are now Red Doors in nine other states as well. It's one of the only places where you can get a glycolic acid keratin treatment, a very effective update on the classic. The glycolic application is extremely good for the hair, as acids help keep the cuticle layer smooth. On curly hair, this treatment gently loosens texture.

5. For a Brazilian blow-out, or a Brazilian-ish blow-out cheat at home.

If you want to reduce frizz and loosen curl without spending hours in the chair, a Brazilian blow-out is the way to go. As someone who has performed many keratin treatments, I will say that the blow-out version is so much faster. There is an actual Brazilian Blowout product line--which is administered in the salon and gives smoothing results that last up to 12 weeks--as well as a very solid, heat-friendly drugstore option, Keratin Smooth, from Tresemmé, which lasts for three washes.

Now that you know how to get your hands on some keratin, don’t be afraid to ask Qs in the comments! I would love to chat with y’all about what type of treatment or product will suit your needs.

  • Do you get in-salon conditioning or smoothing treatments?
  • What’s your fave protein-packed conditioner under $10?