Keratin Complex Relaunched Its Line And I Give It Two Thumbs Up

What to expect from the OG keratin hair care line? Volume, and lots of it.
Publish date:
March 12, 2015
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Keratin Complex, one of the OG messengers of the reparative goodness of keratin protein, has revamped itself to include a full line of products to help keep hair in tip-top shape.

The brand was among the first to develop the keratin treatment, and is now an authority in the matter. I have been on the giving and receiving end of keratin treatments, and if they didn’t make my hair so straight, I would be a regular.

Keratin treatments, sometimes called Brazilians (not the kind you think!), have been a blessing to fuzzy coifs on both sides of the equator. The story goes that Brazilian stylists wanted a foolproof way to prevent frizz and smooth curls in their tropical locale. The frenzy spread around the rest of the world and more and more people began to add occasional treatments into their routine.

Recently, I stopped by Y Gallery Salon to check out what's new in the strengthening department.

I had a great time getting primped and curled with the new line, and stylist Abraham bumped my normally decent blowout into sickening territory. The fact that everything being used on me was charged with life-giving keratin was really exciting, so I couldn’t wait to get in-depth and try everything my way.

Out of the new goodies from the relaunch there were a few standouts that were truly lovely.

One thing I hope you guys have picked up from my reviews of protein-boosting products is their wonderful side effect: killer body! Keratin Complex works this angle by adding protein into both its root-lifting spray, Lift Off, and volumizing sculpting foam, Vita Volume. I was really stoked on them; the pair makes a knockout duo for a big booty blowout, one of my go-to looks.

If you are a bleach baby, aside from demanding that your stylist use Olaplex, consider checking out this line. The variations are numerous, and you could add protection into any step of your routine. Keeping in mind that you have to balance moisture and protein, it could be a game-changer to throw these in when things get limp and damaged. There’s a styling serum, firm and light hold aerosols, and even pomade and matte styling cream, so basically something for each and every one of you out there.

  • Do you want to get more strength out of your styling routine?
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