In Case You Missed It: Watch Kelly Shave Her Head Live on Facebook!

Well, it WAS live. But watch it anyway!
Publish date:
June 30, 2016
buzz cuts, Shaving Your Head

Have you noticed that so many brands and people are doing Facebook Live videos these days? Ugh — it's so annoying.

Except when we do it, of course.

Actually, it's mostly our saucy "big sister," xoJane doing the live broadcasts. They have way more followers than we do, so there's a lot of beauty stuff and xoVainers popping up in their videos because we, of course, want as many people as possible to see Kim do colorful smoky eyes and watch Kelly shave her head in real time.

But just in case you missed it, we want to share that very thing here: Kelly shaving her head in a fancy Time Inc. studio last Friday while Caitlin and Marci nervously looked on in awe.

You may recall that Kelly shaved her head on camera last year, as well, but she recorded that in her bathroom at home. Doing it live in front of thousands of Facebook viewers? That's a little more pressure. (But she's actually the one who suggested it!)

Doesn't she just look so amazing with a buzz cut? It's completely unfair, and yet, who could be mad at someone as awesome as Kelly for looking as awesome as she does?

  • Are you thinking of shaving your head this summer?
  • Have you already?
  • If you've been tempted but you're scared to, what's the main thing stopping you?