I'm Misusing a Product to Temporarily Dye My Hair Pastel Colors

My hairstylist suggested the technique, and it's been great!
Publish date:
May 12, 2016
hair color, pastel hair, joico

Now that my hair is FINALLY light enough to add pastels to it (yay!) I've been adding one extra product to my conditioner in the shower to create different pastel shades: Joico Color Intensity semipermanent creme colors.

But here's the thing. That's not how it says to use it on the tube. But my hairstylist suggested this technique, and I gotta say, it definitely works!

So far, I've used Soft Pink, Orchid, Light Purple, and Titanium. It's honestly super-easy, and I don't think anyone could mess it up. You just mix it 50/50 with your conditioner — or add more of the Joico if you want more color payoff — and leave it in for a few minutes. Voila! Super cute pastel hair.

Soft Pink is my favorite color by far. I think it's because the warmer shades in the transition of my ombre blend well with the warmer pink shades in the blonde part of my hair. It definitely blends the best.

I thought I would like Orchid more because it seems to be more of a warm purple in comparison to the Light Purple. It definitely gives the boldest color payoff out of all four, but I wanted more of a subtle pastel shade, so I didn't LOVE it. I may have to try it again and just use much less product in the conditioner mix. But then I imagine it may just end up looking exactly like the Light Purple shade, so I would suggest just sticking with light purple if you want to go pastel.

I loved Light Purple because it gives off a nice pastel look; the only thing is, I don't think it blends as well with the warm colors at the transition of my ombre since it's such a cool color. I think it kind of clashes a bit, but if your hair is a level 9 all over with no warmth, it would be a really cool look.

Titanium is the first color I used out of all four. I was really into grey hair, but again I find the warmth in the transition of my ombre doesn't allow for the desired effect I'm going for. I generally use it to keep the majority of my hair ashy versus warm when I need to have a more traditional look. So I basically use this as a toner.

If these colors aren't really your thing, there's also a TON of other shades you can try out. But the only catch? For it to work, you have to be at a level 9 or higher (aka SUPER-blonde).

I find the colors fade in about three to six washes if you don't touch it up at all. But it's super-easy to keep up the look without fading too much if you just add a little bit every other time you condition your hair. Also, if you've added too much color like I did with the Orchid, just wash your hair with a dandruff shampoo like Head & Shoulders a few times and it'll fade significantly.

  • Have you ever had pastel colored hair?
  • What did you use to achieve it?
  • What's your favorite pastel shade?