John Frieda Beach Blonde Is Back On Drugstore Shelves!

With your help, Kara and I got a giant beauty company to resurrect a product that was discontinued almost a decade ago.
Publish date:
March 5, 2015
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Tempus Fugit, guys: today I turn 28 years young. Time flies, and it’s been over a year since I scored an overpriced bottle of John Frieda’s Beach Blonde Ocean Waves on the web for over a hundred bucks to write about. Well, HairStore999 (*name changed), your scam is up!

A petition was circulated, the clouds parted, and John Frieda heard our prayers, bringing back a product that has been dead for almost 10 years.

THIS is how much power the good ol’ Internet has granted us. When I say us, I mean me, the writer, and you, the reader. Beauty companies read these posts, read your comments, and boy oh boy are they listening. From Hada Labo jumping into drugstore shelves to the rabid following of Shea Moisture, people are clearly paying attention to what we are saying in the amazing space we have.

This power has granted me a reanimation my first ever Holy Grail hair product. Almost 15 years ago, when I wore baby blue everything and had a wavy shoulder length mop of dry, enormously curly Sun-In'ed locks, the original line was essential to my routine.

My Blue Crush days were short lived, but my hair was amazing in those days. The routine was simple: come home from the beach, shampoo with Cool Dip, condition with Smooth Sailing (now called Smooth Seas), and mist a shit ton of Ocean Waves spray all over my cavewoman shag. Sticking my head out the car window was optional, but helped with the general unruliness.

Sea Waves, as it's called today, isn't a shake-to-mix formula anymore, but a ready to use mist with that coconut glow that we all loved so much.

I just straight up tried it without even reading the bottle, and I was pretty pleased. Coconut and curls, thats all I ever wanted! Pardon me as I wipe a little tear of victory off of my cheek. My curls don’t behave the same in the winter as the summer, so my test was up against the harsh dryness of blasting heaters and other counter polar vortex measures. I would describe these babies as more wavy, but the longer I wear my hair curly without blowing it out, the curlier it gets. It’s almost like my hair gets used to a style. Basically it did as best as it could with what my hair gave it.

There’s quite a few differences in formula, but I didn’t notice them from a couple tries, so I can’t really mourn their loss in practice like I can in theory.

Meadowfoam seed oil, jojoba oil, seaweed extract, and sprayable silicones were all in the OG, but are missing from the new one.

Since it’s not my curl season I can only speculate on this, but I would pair a high quality serum or oil with this spray if you plan on using it often. You'll need to supplement the conditioners that were axed.

Just having this bottle in my hands was a huge realization for me: the beauty industry DOES listen if we raise a fuss. Miss a particular product that’s been discontinued? Want to see more shades for more people? Ask for it! Demand it! Write about it! xoVain rules and wants you to pitch! I myself was once a reader, so were Tamara and Alle! Petitions, tweets, Facebook posts and emails are all avenues that lead to the ears of the people in charge, and if you use them, change can happen.

I have been reading this site since the beginning, and I’m still here for many reasons. One of the major ones is the sense of inclusiveness and sisterhood that we share here. I’ve been bitching about this spray for years and no one cared until I had a squad to back me up, and that squad is you and you and Kara and Rachel.

I’m def going to drink out of a coconut today, even if I have to bring it to the bar myself! Happy birthday to me and never forget, my friends: we hold the power!

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Photos by Darnell Scott