How To Get Jennifer Lawrence’s American Hustle Updo With Short Hair

My hair rests above my shoulders, but that’s no reason I can’t do this look.
Publish date:
January 21, 2014
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So we’ve all seen American
by now, right? I enjoyed it far too much. I think it changed my

First of all, I think I’ve decided on a career path now.
Writing full-time has been fun, but I’m far too clever (read: sociopathic) for
the editorial world. I’ve found my calling in con-artistry.

Second, I need to re-prioritize my life and dedicate serious
woman hours to becoming the glamorous, manipulative, shiny sex-bomb I was born
to be.

My only resolutions for 2014 are to become richer and
hotter. Thanks to American Hustle, I
think I can do both. So while I figure out breaking into the world of art scams
and political sting operations, I’m working on slowly but surely becoming
Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Rosalyn Rosenfeld.

Let’s talk about JLaw’s hair in this film. That heap of
curls atop her pretty, dizzy head? Those tousled tendrils of ringlets? The golden
blonde with just the right amount of roots grown in? It’s very post-makeover-Sandy-Olsson-meets-drunk-Gibson-Girl, which is now my official look in this The
Year of Our Lord JLaw 2014.

In the film, Jenny wears a wig. My hair rests above my shoulders, but that’s no
reason I can’t do this look without a wig. If you have short hair but want to be a sexy mess, too, follow me!

The first thing we need is VOLUME. (Mandatory all-caps.) A
good way to get VOLUME in your hair is to bleach it. Alternately, put your hair in Velcro rollers.

For maximum
VOLUME, wash your hair and blow-dry it upside down. I have to sit down to do
this since my blood sugar is always low because I never remember to eat until, like, 8PM, and then I’m too tired so I just make a Nyquil smoothie and writhe
around naked on the floor until I’m asleep, so…

Blow-dry your hair almost all the way dry and then put the
rollers in. Wave the dryer over your hair once it’s in the rollers, and then
let your hair set for an hour.

If you don’t want to pre-wash your hair, just
spritz it with water a bit and then put the rollers in, then dry a bit and let
set. I can tell you from experience, the first method will give you way more
VOLUME to work with.

While you wait for your hair to reach its potential, put
your face on and stalk your ex’s new girlfriend on Instagram. After about an hour, or however long you can wait, remove
the curlers and shake your hair out. You look awesome already.

Don’t get trigger-happy with the hairspray yet, because
we’ve still got to do quite a bit with your hair.

Flip your head over, grab your hair from the bottom
and twist as if you were going in for a French. Keep grabbing pieces to twist
into the larger twist, so nothing gets left out. I’ve found it helps to do this
in front of a tall mirror.

Pin the twisted bit up near the top. If you need to, pin
some of the wispy pieces down under the twist. Spray it in place.

accuracy’s sake, use Elnett. Marci and I disagree about whether this product
makes sense in the film, but the moral of the story is that I will buy anything
a pretty movie tells me to buy because I am a vapid plebe. Plus, Elnett is

Next, flip your hair to one side, grab half of it, and pin
it up loosely.

So at this point, the only hair that’s down should be on one
half of your head.

This next part’s a bit complicated, and you sort of have to
eyeball it: Grab the rest of your hair, pull it up and pin it on top of
the back section that’s already pinned up. Twist it as you do this, so that the
hair that remains sticking out is sticking towards the top of your head rather
than the side.

Tuck pieces in under each other, so that too many ends
aren’t sticking out. I used a small curling iron to curl some of the pieces on
top under, so that they didn’t stick up oddly.

Finally, I used that curling iron to curl my bangs up and
towards the back of my head and then sprayed the hell out of them so that they
blended in with the rest of my hair on top.

I used my fingers to loosen up everything and give it a bit
more oomph on the top. If you have a bit longer hair, curl the pieces on top
and let them bounce around on your head while you clean the house and blast
“Live and Let Die.”

Pair this look with a glossy lip and cleavage.

Will you be trying this look? Will you enter into a life of
crime with me?