I Spent $400 on That Dyson Blowdryer, And It Was Worth Every Stinking Penny

The Supersonic hair dryer is the most expensive one on the market, and I FREAKING LOVE IT.
Publish date:
September 29, 2016
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Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Alison Freer: costume designer, author, and hair-drying enthusiast.

Yep, I’m permanently jazzed about blowdrying my hair, because hiding underneath my stick straight blonde mop is a whole mess of cowlicks, and the only thing that can tame them is a good ‘ol blast of forced air. Blowdrying isn’t just a chore for me — it’s a lifestyle.

So when I read way back in April that famous vacuum manufacturer Dyson was coming out with the Supersonic — a faster, quieter hair dryer that 2,000 engineers had spent 4.5 years, 600 prototypes, and 71 million bucks developing — I gleefully plunked down 400 of my very hard-earned dollars to pre-order and waited for it to arrive nearly six months later.

I’ll cut right to the chase: I FREAKING LOVE IT. But even as I opened the box, I wondered if anyone other than a total hair-drying connoisseur would actually spend $400 on an item you can technically get at the drugstore for $14.95. How could someone not driven by a lust for blowdrying possibly think that a dryer could be worth that amount of coin?

The truth is, I only decided to try the Supersonic because I already owned a Dyson vacuum — and I didn’t think that stupid vacuum was going to be worth the money either until I found out about their pet-grooming attachment and all of my husky hair-related problems went away. (When you own a dog with that much fur, you start to expect more than what the average vacuum cleaner can offer you.)

So, what makes the Dyson Supersonic dryer worth it?

For me, it’s mainly about the reduced noise level. My previous blowdryer was the very definition of LOUD. It was like having a jet engine aimed at your head. I once turned my dryer off only to find all the dogs in my house barking their heads off at someone pounding on my front door. They could have been there to murder me and I’d have been none the wiser.
With the Dyson, I can carry on an actual conversation while blowdrying my hair. (It’s kind of a relationship-saver too, as I don’t think there is anything ruder than firing up a screaming hairdryer while your loved one is trying to tell you all about their day.)

The Supersonic absolutely dries my hair a good bit faster than my old hairdryer (a Super Solano that has actually lasted me 15+ years and is still going strong) — and it somehow manages to do it without feeling any hotter and not scorching my scalp at all. I guess that’s what 71 million bucks buys you?

It also gets things a wee bit straighter, and I find myself not needing a flat iron to do a final smoothing on the cowlick at the crown of my head. It doesn’t take a degree in heat styling to realize that not having to go over your hair with a flat iron after blowdrying means way less damage overall.

The attachments (a diffuser and two smoothing/straightening nozzles) attach to the dryer with magnets, which is really quite clever.

The Supersonic even has a true "cool" setting instead of a button that must be held down continuously for a blast of cold air. It’s a welcome addition, as I’m now able to blow dry my whole head with plain cool air on hot days without my thumb seizing up from pressing the cold-blast button down the whole time. (My other solution was blowdrying my hair while standing in front of the window A/C, the very definition of unchecked vanity.)

The best part of the new Dyson hair dryer might be what’s NOT there: they’ve cleverly placed the motor in the handle of the machine instead of the back, making it lighter and more balanced in your hand. (Peeps with long, thick hair will notice the wrist/elbow relief immediately.) But Dyson really knocked it out of the park by placing the vent and filter in the handle as well, reducing the possibility that your hair can get sucked into the back air vent (please please please tell me this has happened to you also?) to exactly zero.

So what's the final verdict? The Supersonic is a beauty, for sure — but let's get real: no hair care appliance is actually worth $400 unless it also slices, dices and juliennes. If you’ve already got a fancy high-powered hair dryer, you may not be able to justify this upgrade unless you’re just looking to treat yo’ self. But if you are currently drying your hair with a loud-ass hairdryer that could be frying your hair needlessly, it just might be worth asking Santa for.

  • What's the most you've ever spent on a beauty tool?
  • Do you own anything by Dyson?
  • Do you think I'm crazy for spending $400 on this blowdryer?