Quick Question: Is Ombré Over Or What?

Maybe it was over and came back again already?
Publish date:
April 19, 2013
Quick Question, hair color, ombre, l' oreal

I saw a commercial the other day that confused the hell out of me. It was for L'Oreal's new Feria Wild Ombré kit. The voiceover said, "It's the latest hair color trend." NEEDLE SCRATCHING RECORD SOUND!

I got ombré done three years ago.

Surely there have been a few new hair color trends since 2010.

I actually really like how ombré looks, and when done subtly enough, I don't think there's anything fad-y about it. If there are folks who want the look (I get the itch sometimes, but I cut it all off two months after I did it the first time, so I know I'm too fickle to really do it again), and they're confident enough to do it on themselves at home, high freakin' five.

But come on. The latest trend? It's not new-new. Hell, there are plenty of people who say it's been over since a month before I did it.

You tell me. QQ: Is ombré over or what?