Quick Question: Is A Basic Ponytail Lazy Or Chic?

I know someone who's judging you every time you pull your hair back.
Publish date:
October 16, 2013
Quick Question, ponytails, hairstyles, laziness

I've never seen my friend Sonny in a ponytail. At first, I chalked it up to how she has an asymmetrical undercut, but then, she confessed something to me.

"I hate ponytails," she said. "They look lazy."

I had a hair tie on my wrist, and I was planning to use it to put my hair in one of these very ponytails if the bar we were in started to feel warm.

"All ponytails look lazy?" I said, fully aware that my ponytails are, in fact, lazy. But I thought they were at least kind of cute. "Even if the hair tie matches the hair."

"Yes," she said. "I'd much rather see a bun."

I got her to ease up a little when I asked her about if hair was wrapped around the hair tie.

"That's a little better," she said.

Of course, when I saw her on the subway playform the next day, my hair was pulled back into a low ponytail with a mint-green hair tie that matched absolutely nothing on me.

What do you think? Quick Question: Is a basic ponytail lazy or chic? (Or both?)