InvisaBlend: Hair Growth Extensions You Can Wear For Years

I don’t really mind when search engines stalk my online activity and send me beauty ads. How else would I have discovered InvisaBlend's unique and innovative hair growth extensions?

This method--in which a net-like cap adds single hairs between your existing strands--addresses the damage that comes along with hair extensions and hair replacements. Though many have enough extra hair to offset the damage sometimes caused by bonds, braids, and other extensions, those with weak hair strands or thinning/balding do not have the luxury of toying around with the few hairs that are actually still there.

I hopped on a bus to check out the InvisaBlend studio in Englewood, New Jersey. This method is new to market--so new that inventor Dino Dondiego offers free consultations and demonstrations of his product, which I had to try for myself.

How It Works

Dino showed me the basis of his hair system, a translucent, breathable net-like foundation that rests on the scalp.

The net is 100% customized based on the size of the subject’s scalp, the density of the existing hair, and the desired result--whether you want to cover bare skin or just want fuller hair.

The netting is the foundation for the additional hair strands, which are attached one by one. This allows for an irregular and more natural appearing fall, as well as precision blending of color, curl texture, and identical density to the client's natural hair.

Each single strand is fastened to the net so that the network of hairs is very lightweight and does not stress existing hair.

Different colors, densities, and curl patterns are put on strand by strand to mimic the look of real hair coming out of the scalp. If a client desires realistic coverage around the front hairline, tiny hairs are staggered to look like a real human hairline with baby hairs.

How To Get It On Your Head

InvisaBlend offers three methods of application. The first is in-studio attachment by InvisaBlend’s own technicians; this runs about $80-$160 (not including the system). The price is comparable to a standard hair extension service, but it takes less time: one hour for a touch-up and two hours for a complete overhaul.

The second option involves remote communication. If you live outside of New Jersey, InvisaBlend will teach your hairstylist how to install InvisaBlend using the same in-studio method.

The third option is self-application using small InvisaBlend hair clips. The team will train you on how to apply the piece for this option.

How Much It Costs

The hair system itself is unlike any other I have seen. Professional, high-end extensions can cost upwards of $1200 per application and last about 4 to 6 weeks. This system’s cost is determined by the square inches of hair you wish to have added.

Factoring in a full wrapping piece (not asymmetrical) for a head like mine with InvisaBlend would be roughly $1200 dollars--and with proper care it would last 3 to 4 YEARS.

What really separates this system from the loads of others out there--aside from lack of damage--is the customization. The single strand design makes for serious blendability. Having the strands evenly distributed means color and texture are all evenly dispersed and look completely natural, even if they are not a perfect match.

This is what it looks like on my head.

This is a product for those who really need help with boosting hair confidence--people like me.

  • Do you need additional hair to feel good?
  • If you regularly wear extensions, how, if at all, have they affected the state of your natural hair?

Photos by Maria Penaloza