I Have A New Haircut, So We're Going To Talk About That

You should probably cut yours too. But, I mean, if you don't want to, there's a way around that.
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June 6, 2013
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On Mother's Day weekend, I came home from seeing The Great Gatsby with my mom and cut off about four inches of my hair.

I just walked right into the bathroom, grabbed the scissors and chopped it; no big deal. I've given myself plenty of haircuts before. I haven't been to a hairdresser since I was 12, so any cuts or colours that I've had over the years have been self-inflicted.

Perhaps the short flapper bobs in the movie influenced my actions (I didn't cut off that much), but mostly I was just annoyed with split-ends and the unintentional ombré I had from growing out an auburn dye job.

Do I miss having my long, hippie hair? Not really. It was heavy and just kind of hung there, damaged and boring. My hair has so much more body now that it's shorter, and it feels so light and stylish for the summer. It's easy to style because it looks cute and Megan Draper-esque if I wear it smooth and straight, and old-Hollywood glamorous if I thicken it up and add curls with my flat iron.

Luckily, a lot of my favourite products from before have helped elevate it to something special, so I'm here to share the goods that are keeping my new cut looking fancy.

First, there's Aveda Invati Scalp Revitalizer. Right off the bat, I realize $60 is a bit steep for a product, but hear me out.

In the past, I've mentioned multiple times that I've experienced hair loss over the past year and a half. My once super-thick hair has fallen out in clumps due to deficiences, stress, who knows what, and left me longing for a fix, any fix. This stuff is full of turmeric and ginseng and, when massaged into the scalp, promotes hair growth and seems to "wake up" your hair. I mist it on my scalp a few times when styling and then massage for a minute or so. My hair perks up at the roots and is suddenly loaded with volume, looking thicker and fluffier.

My hair, which thankfully already grows quite fast, is continuing to climb out of my scalp like a weed, good and strong. I trimmed my bangs into a "baby bang" cut when I chopped my hair, and they're now brushing my brows.

Even if you're not looking to make your hair grow, I really love this stuff for its volumizing properties. And if you are experiencing hair loss, I'd recommend this coupled with B vitamins, silica, and liquid iron.

Then there's Fekkai Essential Shea Pot de Creme. This is one of my products that I cannot live without, and I'm so thankful the jar is so gigantic, because you only need the tiniest bit and so it will last you FOR. EVER.

Basically, I use Pot de Creme in lieu of a conditioner. I don't really use conditioner. I'm sure that sounds kind of weird coming from a beauty editor, but I just don't like conditioner that much. I can never rinse it out fully, no matter how long I spend under the water. I only apply it to the ends and it still makes my hair feel greasy. I mean, I'll do a hair masque every once in awhile to chill out any crunchiness, but mostly, I just shampoo and then apply this to my ends when I get out of the shower, after towel-drying and combing.

It's supremely silky and, when applied to wet hair and left to air dry, will leave you with really pretty, soft mermaid waves. It also doubles as a smoothing cream for when you want a sleek look. Just rub a tiny little bit between your palms and smooth over any fuzzy areas. Boom, perfect hair.

After applying both of the above to my wet hair and then leaving it to air dry, I'm usually left with some natural waves. I like them to have a bit more "ta-da!" though, so I'll get my flat iron and wrap one-ish inch sections around it, holding it vertically. I let them cool, and then brush out with a natural bristle brush. This is the best heat-styling method I've found for creating old Hollywood style waves, in my personal experience.

Of course there's rag-rolling, which my good friend Kristina illustrated over in her xoJane post if you'd prefer to go without heat, but obviously, if you're pressed for time, the heat route is the way to go.

If I'm looking to muss up those waves and add a bit of grit, I'll warm a bit of Bumble & Bumble Bb. Texture Hair (Un)Dressing Creme (which is also a favourite of our lovely contributor Jesse) between my palms and then scrunch my hair up with my fingers. I might flip my head upside down and shake my hands through to give it more oomph. Another spritz of hairspray after that and it's good to go.

If you're reading this and you're all, "Oh Hannah, I'd love to chop my hair but I just CANNOT part with it," don't worry, boo, I gotchu. You can try the faux bob, which I wrote all about in the June issue of FLARE. Thankfully for you, there's video explaining just how to get the look.

It's a cute way to look kind of retro and free-wheelin' without having to cut your hair, and it keeps your hair off your neck which is key in the summer when temperatures soar. Barf.

Even if you're not into the bob look, I'd recommend checking out the video to see my curling-with-a-flat-iron technique in action. I get some serious curls up in there!

And that's how I get my new hair lookin' fine. Are you changing your hair for summer? I want to see photos, dudes.

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